Friday, August 27, 2010

Yard sale talk!!

Today being a friday I hit the yard sale trail. Today I went to a yard sale in a very affluent neighborhood here in Nashville, where the homes are $1,000,000 and up!!!YEAH!!!!They had nice things. I bought Lloyd some books and a wooden spoon and Christmas greenery for myself. I noticed an older lady walking around staring at everybody with her nose held high in the air!!Ok so your selling your $350 sheets for $20 at a yard sale!!BIG DEAL!!LOL!! It amuses me to watch folks at these gatherings. They are so comical. So many different walks of life. I get a kick out of the things they buy as well as they probably think WTH is she doing with a wooden spoon!!!LOL!!Then I see this neighborhood OMG on the lake!!!My dream to live near the water or ON the water!!These homes are so beautiful. But the one thing was I noticed not one single home had a bucket,flag or rocking chair any where to be seen. Shoot, I knew I would not find anything here. So tomorrow I am hitting the other side of the RR tracks!!hee Hee. Wish me luck.

Happy Yard Saling.



  1. LOL!!
    Great post.

    I've been to a yard sale like that before.

    Okay, maybe not million $ homes...
    But expensives ones.

    Did you ever wonder....
    If they can afford $350 sheets, why do they need to have a yard sale at all.
    Just donate the things to charity and use it as a tax right off. LOL!!


  2. i know TammY LOL!!I was wondering the same thing!!!