Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!!

Nick and joe

Dad and Mom

I so love Valentines Day! A day of love and Chocolate combined, doesn't get much better than that.My Mom and Dad were the tragic love story!They Loved, fought, divorced, got back together. In the end they were sort of together. When Dad was sick. He loved her so. After their passing I found old love letters and cards. He actually was very romantic and wrote her beautiful sonnets of love. Every Valentines Day of her life, he got her the biggest, prettiset box of candy around. He looked for ever picking out just the right card/ And jewelry was always on the Valentine menu along with steaks and wine/ They were both good looking. Mom looked like Marilyn Monroe and Daddy looked like a movie star. I will never forget the love they shared when it was good! If only it had stayed that way. Life is strange! I will never forget one Valentines Day. I was at Super D drugstore Valentines cards and looked over and there was Dad. His arms loaded with candy valentines and cards. We laughed because he and I had picked out the same card for Tasha!!So funny!So it is with love and rememberance today as I reflect on Valentines Day's gone by. I miss my Dad the most on Valentines. He was and always will be my Valentine. I think my grandson Nick is following in his great Grandaddy's footsteps.He took his GF Alayna a box of chocolates and a bag with a Valentine!!So sweet!!Have a wonderful dau on this Valentines Day 2012.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Do you ever wonder why so many of us Prim lovers are so nuts over the 1800's? We love our pewter and our Early samplers. We love our coverlets and oldquilts. I think basically we are in love with the fact that the era of the 1800's has been glamorized through movies such as Gone with the Wind and love stories of the days gone by ,verses modern day. Life was much simpler then and not so complicated. Now, it is so hectic and busy that we long for a walk in the grass in our bare feet and to be able to throw our cares to the wind!We long for our Rhett to sweep us away and treat us like the princess we are!!AWW!!!LOL/ We can dream/ Then again we have our primitives to remind us!!Frankly my dear I preferred Ashley to Rhett.

Prim hugs,


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feels like Spring!

Love pewter!!

LOVE blues

This is the balcony now/that is a leaf there/LOL

supper time!!

For the last few days it has been amazingly warm here in middle Tennessee!I love it!!I even took the cats (indoor cats) out on the balcony for some fresh air!!I am trying to decide what kind of flowers/plants to put on my balcony when spring does arrive!!I want it to be full of greenery and pet friendly!!I was thinking of growing cat grass in a big pot so the boys could enjoy it!!Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!Just can not make up my mind!!I have a month or two!!HEEHEE/ I love the sweet potato vine!!It flows so nicely!!Oh well I am thinling anyway!!LOL/Have a great blessed day!!