Monday, June 25, 2012

Life is crazy sometimes

So, today was my 1st appointment at Tennessee Oncology~

It was a little scary but not too bad. Mostly sad. Seeing the cancer patients losing their hair and so sick. The weird part was all the cancer pamphlets everywhere. Just not accustomed to it but looks like I better get used to it.

So. In retrospect, I really do not know anything for a few weeks, when my tests results come back.  Yes, there is a possibility I have Leukemia. Maybe a bone marrow problem or some strange cancer. BUT, Most likely it is the prednisone I have been on for 17 years. I am not at a point to  be playing games or doing the what ifs!

I do know I have anemia and to the point I will have to have IV bags of it/ 4 hrs at a time. Kind of like a transfusion, but with Iron as was explained by Dr. Hemphill~~

So, I will start that soon. They wanted me to come tomorrow but the chemo room was overbooked.!!

I am concerned but really not worried at this point~~No news is good news~~In my book anyway!!I think I will feel better once I get some iron and won't be so draggy~

My DNA is happy and busy busy. Running around and buying antiques with a Starbux in my hand. Saving animals and swinging on the playground with Nick and Joe/ Definitely not being draggy and so so tired.

So, for all you that have asked about it and cared enough, thank you and just say a prayer that it will be good news.

I will be living my life and not worrying so don't you~

The Lord is my comfort and my strength. That is all I need to know one day at a time.

prim hugs,


Friday, June 22, 2012

Peacock collector!!

Unbeknownst,, to even me I have developed a love for all things peacock!! Mostly just samplers and pin keeps but all the same~~

Started out like all things I collect. Bought one sampler and from there I was hooked. Posted are a few of my peacock things~~

I Love them in olde baskets and bowls or just laying around!!I try to keep my collecting at bay and use smaller items vs the larger/ I am also obsessed with coverlets , pewter, old baskets and dough bowls!!

Moved a few things around the other day and  catty cornered  my antique sawbuck. Really like it this way and the new lamp and sampler~

I am still not feeling well and have my appt. on Monday @Tennessee Oncology~~
Will be glad to see if they can help me/This feeling crummy has got to go!!ASAP

I hope all of you are feeling well and enjoying the summer!!much love and hugs. Candilou
This church pew was a great find!!had it several years~

Friday, June 15, 2012

What is going on!!

A few weeks ago I went to see my rheumatologist.  I had some blood tests done, which came back that everything was out of whack!!My blood counts and I had been running  a high WBC count!!In essence  my Rheumy suggest I see a Hematologist//

Boy it takes an act of congress getting medical records sent and making appts/Crazy!!
So, I have my medical records being transferred to my new Dr., which also was my Mother's oncologist!!I surely never thought I would be a patient there. Anyway, paper work is all filled out and ready for them to set me up. I had a Dr's apt today with my PCP/ another infection!!Had a shot and some meds and feeling better but have had fever!!You just never know what is around the Corner!!

I am not a bit worried ( well maybe a little) I will leave that after I see the Doc!!I am guessing it has to do with my Lupus. onstant pain. fevers, flu symtoms and always sick with an infection!!

My life has been built around hospitals anyway and I worked in hospitals when I worked!!So, that is what is going on and I will leave it at that!!
Look at this sweet baby!!

I was not about to let this be a bad day so after Dr's visits I headed to my fave Target!!I needed to get my prescriptions filled anyway so I got my Downy Unstoppable, The cats new scratching box and toys plus food!!

Then went for a burger and did some antique shopping!!I am not one to waste a moment and I was feeling better after the shot!!!wink wink

This will make your laundry smell soooo good!!!

So, I had to go for my afternoon coffee @ Starbucks and stopped @Demo's and got spaghetti and meatballs for dinner/ I am going to water my flowers, take a good soak and heat up dinner! Yum yum

Also, this is my newest sampler from my dear friend Bridgett Swindell!Isn't it beautiful!!I just love it!! I also got this gorgeous lamp from Renate Stowers another dear friend~~I love it also!!

So do not worry about me. I will be fine!!Have a great weekend!!


Monday, June 4, 2012

Our condo

Our condo/ aptly named the FRY HOMESTEAD~~LOL

I have had many requests wanting to see more condo pics so here are a few!!I can honestly say this was a great move!!It is easy to clean/I no longer buy large amounts of groceries  and supplies with no where to put them. I love the Tide pods/ Clorox pods/etc/  easy storage!My junk drawers are neat/ My closets are neat. Fridge is cleaned  twice a week. I can say with absolute certainty that it has made our life much easier!!I don't feel bound to the house with duties of cleaning and maintaining.Lloyd doesn't have the dreaded feeling of yard work and  all of that. We would much rather go out to eat and shopping. Take the boys out and take in a movie/ So for us, it was right. We have a pool/ I love coffee on my balcony and  are so close to EVERYTHING!!!

So here are a few pics/ Our bedroom walls only have a few things and one wall is empty. I love that/I need a quiet refuge being sick and all it needs simplicity!!

Love and Prim hugs,


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fun day!!

This has been a great weekend!Finally!!Went to Ky. yesterday to visit my sweet friend Gayle @McClard's antiques!! I just adore her and her shop!!

Found some wonderful new goodies including textiles and a fab old  chalkboard as I am collecting those now~~

I also stopped at the Scottsville antique Mall and found a fabulous tin lamp and wonderful early crock from another sweet friend.Darlene/Proprietor of Rock Garden Farms another fave shop!!

I have found a wonderful new dark blue oval braided rug at McClards for the living room!!BIG one!!

There were roadside stands with fresh fruit and vegetables, that were served up for dinner tonight. Fresh beans, squash and tomatoes~~~

Oh and watermelon~~

Our oldest Grandson, Nick is over and we had a nice dinner~~
All is cleaned up and we have all had baths/
dishwasher and laundry going!!Nice day!!Great weekend~~
I hope yours was as well!!

Prim Blessings,


Friday, June 1, 2012

Less is best~~

OK I admit, my days of  hoarding/haha/ are over!! I really was not a hoarder but had way too much junk~~I am going to be selling more in the coming days as I find myself wanting a cleaner line with more colonial Early pieces.

To the right here is how it used to look when we lived in the house.I like the lokk but now to me it is way too much!!Way!!

I think since we moved I needed to make drastic changes and began by ridding myself of so much stuff~~I sold things I swore I never would~`

I can happily say I do not miss a thing!!Every time I buy something I end up selling it later on!!

This is my look now!!

I am not sure what you call it but it is My look!!The blue cabinet there will be sold/ Also the table on the left possibly~~

I just need less and want less/ I find that I enjoy selling as much as buying~~

This whole process was like pealing layers off of me.
Things I did not need or use.
So look for me to post in the following days as I once again look thru things to sell and simplify my look~~

Until later,

Prim Girl7