Monday, June 25, 2012

Life is crazy sometimes

So, today was my 1st appointment at Tennessee Oncology~

It was a little scary but not too bad. Mostly sad. Seeing the cancer patients losing their hair and so sick. The weird part was all the cancer pamphlets everywhere. Just not accustomed to it but looks like I better get used to it.

So. In retrospect, I really do not know anything for a few weeks, when my tests results come back.  Yes, there is a possibility I have Leukemia. Maybe a bone marrow problem or some strange cancer. BUT, Most likely it is the prednisone I have been on for 17 years. I am not at a point to  be playing games or doing the what ifs!

I do know I have anemia and to the point I will have to have IV bags of it/ 4 hrs at a time. Kind of like a transfusion, but with Iron as was explained by Dr. Hemphill~~

So, I will start that soon. They wanted me to come tomorrow but the chemo room was overbooked.!!

I am concerned but really not worried at this point~~No news is good news~~In my book anyway!!I think I will feel better once I get some iron and won't be so draggy~

My DNA is happy and busy busy. Running around and buying antiques with a Starbux in my hand. Saving animals and swinging on the playground with Nick and Joe/ Definitely not being draggy and so so tired.

So, for all you that have asked about it and cared enough, thank you and just say a prayer that it will be good news.

I will be living my life and not worrying so don't you~

The Lord is my comfort and my strength. That is all I need to know one day at a time.

prim hugs,



  1. Hi Cindilou, Amen,will send up a little prayer. Blessings Francine.