Monday, January 31, 2011

Decorating funk!!!!

Yes this just about exclaims how I feel. Like I am in a decorating funk!!!Do you get that way too??I have all these great items from the sale that I have purchased and just can not get in the mood to decorate!!What the!!!!I suppose this could be coming from the dreary weather.Or maybe from the fact that I have been so sick lately. I hope this passes quickly as I have gotten some cool things lately!I just about have to force myself to get the housecleaning done. LOL!! I think I may have a case of the winter Blues!I need sunshine and birds singing. Lot's of flowers and a blue sky!!Just saying it somehow seems to make me feel better. Now, If I can get my decoating on!!Have a Blessed and Happy day and may you not suffer the Winter Blues.

Prim Hugs,CANDI

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Give me a BREAK!

Another of Bridgett's samplers
Stool by judy Bailey Early works Primitives!!

My butter churn find!!


Lately, my life has been crazy. With Lloyd having pneumonia, me having flares from fibro and Lupus and my brother Rick being so sick it has indeed been crazy.With all that I decided last week that I needed a break!!LOl So, I headed up to the little town of Springfield Tenn. It's about 30 miles from Nashville give or take. There is an Antique Store there that is 2 huge floors full of Prims,Antiques and just about anything you would want. I took my time and searched the 2 floors for something I couldn't live without!!!!LOL I ended up with a very old 1800's butter churn and a tin cup as I collect tinware. After that I was headed for lunch and stopped for a burger and fries plus diet coke. Then I spotted a JUNK store and thought why not and went in. THERE I found a fabulous old prim wooden chair that I had to have.LOL.So, that being said I had my fix and went to Panera at Rivergate where I met my good friend Bridgette Swindell and I had bought one of her samplers. That was the perfect end right there. I have several of her samplers and she does exquisite work. So stopped at Starbucks and headed home to decorate!!Prim Blessings.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My 34th wedding anniversary

34 yrs ago my Mother in law to be, pulled up to our tiny apartment JUMPED OUT OF HER CAR, KNOCKED ON THE DOOR and said you two have been living in sin and need to get married!!!!WHHHHATTTT????LOL!!!We were hippies of sort and my in laws were very religious. Lloyd and I had both been in bad relationships so we were in no hurry to get married. But, my fiery little MIL says different. So we find something decent to wear to the justice of the peace and head out the door, Cora driving in the station wagon!!Ha This is my crazy life!!! There we said our I DO"S and exchange a kiss and were back home a few hrs later. Lloyd had to go to work (HE was a limo driver then) and me back to the house work. It was the middle of the day. Lloyd and I have a close relationship. A loving one that is still at the point that we are getting older we get closer. We have fun and we know each other all too well!!!We laugh, I cry, we laugh some more. We talk. About every single thing underneath the sun. Pretty or not there it is!!!We go on dates when we can. But he always takes me out to eat even if he only has 1 day off. We are getting older as I WILL BE 56 AND LLOYD 58 THIS YEAR.Yikes!!!!Life is sweet. It is fast and it is what it is. My advice for a healthy long marriage is accept your partner for who they are and stop trying to change them. Listen to them and do special things for one another. Love them unconditionaly and never go to bed angry. And lastely. Enjoy those sweet and not so sweet times because I can tell you it goes by all too fast. So another anniversary with Lloyd working but hey, not to fret. I had a fun day junk store shopping and I got take out for dinner. I have an Arnetts teddy bear coming from sweetikens and I am taking a nice bubble bath and watching my fave show.


Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3rd

New crock!!

I am really happy to have a new year of hope and good tidings!! I am working on some new ideals and trying to make my plans for the coming year. My first purchase was a wonderful old crock I found yesterday and I got a great price on it.It was listed for $42 and I asked if she could give me a better deal than 10% and she did. 25%!!I was really happy and brought it home. I can't resist a good deal!!LOL So, tree is gone, ornaments packed away and I am still cleaning and looking forward to spring. I want to do something like move things around. Quite honestly I do not feel up to it. My Lupus is crazy today and I am dealing with it. I have to go to the store. Milk,oats,cat food, and cokes. I would ove more than to crawl back in bed and rest but I have to get to the store and I have a visist w/ a friend planned. So, today is gonna be a good day. Lupus flare bah life to fullest you bet. Have a beautiful blessed year and be kind to yourself!!!