Friday, July 20, 2012

My day in Franklin

Well I am on a dose pak again!!Antibiotics again! It made me feel a little better but I have had a wicked headache a while now!!He says I have a bacterial infection. I have been sick this whole summer!! I am really bummed about that/ So, today I earmarked an estate ale and decided I would head to Granny White Pike in Brentwood!!Found some old books and that was it. Everything was sky high!!

So, I decided to just keep going and do some shopping in Franklin Tenn.If you have never been I highly recommend it!! It is so charming and historical. Takes me about half hours drive. They have some of my fave antique stores as well. Especially the Franklin antique mall!!
Today I noticed a place right across the street from FAM. It is called Arbour antiques!!5,000 sq ft!!of Prims and antiques~~What more could you ask!

I really liked it and already plan to go back!! SOON!!! I really loved this prim blue cabinet and it was only $45~~~ You can't beat that!! No, I did Not buy it as my taste are leaning towards colonial more than the xtreme Prims~~
I found this great old prim trey made of early wood  and this great Simple life book that I plan to read soon. After all that shopping I hit the local Zaxby's for a chicken salad sandwich and headed back to Nashville. It was a fun busy day and I almost felt like my old self sans the headache!!

Getting late and my clean sheets are in the dryer so must put them on the bed!! God bless you all and have a wonderful weekend!!


Monday, July 16, 2012

DR's notes

So, today I saw Dr. Hemphill, my oncologist/hematologist/. No CANCER at least that they could find~~He says I do not have leukemia or blood marrow problems. PRAISE GOD~~ But , he also says they can not rule it out totally so I will stick with this~~

My hemoglobin had gone from a 4 to an 11 as of today!! I was really anemic, according to my Dr. My WBC had jumped from 17,000 to 20,000 and it should be decreasing so not sure why that is/I will be going back every 2 weeks to have my blood drawn to make sure. And do follow ups with him!! So, other than my white count being so high I was thankful no leukemia~ THANK YOU LORD~

I figured since my news was good I would treat myself to lunch so I went to my fave lunch place/ Panera Bread~~ Had a cup of broccoli/cheese soup and half chicken salad sandwich.So yummy!!My stomach has been such  a mess that I was glad to eat something without feeling nauseated!!

There is nothing like the scare of cancer to give you a good look at your life's choices. It makes you realize how fragile our bodies are!!

Lloyd, took Nick and I to breakfast at Cracker Barrel yesterday. It was good but I got sick later and had to be in bed all day. The after effects of the Iron treatment. One thing it does cause is severe bone pain and he explained that was the iron attaching itself to my bones. Crazy huh??

I have lots of other tests to do in the coming weeks but I am very thankful today. This day I am alive. And feeling better. I love my family most and my dear friends/ This gal is going to rest and watch Ellen.

Prim hugs/Candi

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rainy days

I am ever so thankful for this rain~~ We have needed it a while now/  I went and had my iron treatment /infusion at the hospital. It wasn't near as bad as I had dreaded. I had 4 different IV bags of different meds/ The nurse brought me warm blankets and a cozy pillow/ I had crackers and diet coke and slept thru most of it!! Talked to the other patients and read my Prim books.

The official word from the nurse was that my tests came back normal~~~ PRAISE~~~ I see the oncologist Monday for affirmation and to see what all I will need. Glad that is over~~
Having nausea and headaches as after effects but I can live with that.

In other news~~~ My sweet friend Wilma Gilbert had her annual Or hard Sale in Cave City Ky. NEVER, I repeat NEVER go alone and without a GPS~~~ I got so lost/ It freaked me out a little because I never get lost.

I saw lots of great prim shops and antique stores so will have to go back but I will take a friend or LLoyd !! LOL

Wilma' place is like living in another world to me. There were barns. wildflowers, old rustic farm equipment and flowers everywhere. What a cool place. I did not take pictures there as I was so frazzled and it was getting late and drizzling rain. Here are a few treasures I found~~

I enjoyed my visit with Miss Wilma and will definitely go back!! She had only the finest of treasures. Old primitive wood pieces, crocks, coverlets, Quilts, cabinets. Way too much to list!!

As I was leaving some friends came up carrying a breakfast cake for Wilma~ So, that is how it goes in the country!!LOL

This city gal hit the Interstate and never stopped till I got to my exit!!I went thru some powerful storms and rain and one point could not see the road but I hit it!!

So, that is how it has been the last few days. Hope you all are well my friends.

Prim Blessings,  Candi

Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Daze!!

I am not a summer person !!I prefer the fall and spring as the hot weather is hard on me. It has even been too hot to go to many garage sales and even the flea mkt. so, I try to do all my running during the day early!!Most of the time anyway.

I love the 4th of July but this year being sick and the heat I stayed in and rearranged things and played house, as Lloyd  calls it!

Hope your summer days are filled with sunshine and laughter!!I have enjoyed having my plants all looking well, fresh watermelon and corn from farmers.  Having coffee on the balcony early and ice cream runs~

So, I still get some of the perks of summer but this Primgirl is looking forward to the fall!!

Have a fun blessed day