Thursday, March 31, 2011

My 56th Birthday!!

Springfied Antique Mall
lloyd brought me ballons and cards from him and Oscar, Gus and Henry
My birthday gift!!!
Seems strange to me to say that I am 56 now!!lol. I am so thankful to all my friends and family that sent well wishes and gifts etc to me. Makes me feel loved. My hubby had to work so I left this morning for a day of antiquing. My favorite thing to do. I stopped at several places and found a great old crock. A few other items I will be listing for sale later. I ended my busy day and Starbucks for my favorite iced coffee and a Birthday pop. A delicious confection of cake on a popsickle stick. What a world!!I love it. Since my sweet man is working I ordered a salad at Chili's for dinner. Santa Fe' Salad and they gave me a free desert, (brownie with icecream and hot chocolate sauce which I shall have later watching TV in my fave Pj's. And I will watch one of my fave movies. Either Sex and the city, or Goodbye girl. Maybe something else. It was a great Birthday and pain free!!I feel so blessed and Lloyd got me the beautiful sampler. I also got newflatware today that I picked out at Belk!!I spent my birthday thankful and enjoyed every minute of it!!Love you all!


Monday, March 28, 2011


octagon House

Ducks at McClards antiques
Today was absolutely a beautiful early spring day. I set sail for Kentucky to visit my friend and her antique store and found some treasures along the way. Imagine that!!It was a fun relaxing day.I got a fabulous candle, evening mocha as I love the smell of coffee.I also found a couple of battery operated candles, a long candle stick made of iron to hang over a chair.Some blue ck table mats and a fabulous throw. Also a candle holder that plugs in that is really cool. I left the store and hit Subway for a turkey,lettuce, tomatoe and black olive sandwich, Oh and also cucumber. After lunch I went to a few junk stores and decided to drive back thriugh Franklin and take some pictures of the Octagon House.It is such a cool place and has sooo much History , which I love!Please google it. It is the one in Franklin Ky and known to be one of the 8 most haunted places in the world!You do get a creepy feeling being there. I am sure many confederate soldiers died there in the 1800's. Well after my walking tour there I had to clothes shop for some spring things and for my usual iced coffee @ Starbucks. By the time I got to Nashville I picked Lloyd up and we went for Chinese takeout and headed home. Still have not unpacked my treasures as I am too tired. It was a great way to start off my Birthday week. LOL . Prim Blessings


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Busy days

arnetts dolls
early blue cupboard


Early green high chair

old blue crate which I sold

My voting box

Early blue high chair

this set is for sale $100

Ok so it has been a crazy last few days. My PC had to be totally rebooted andthe router had to be replaced. Then I get sick and had to go a get chest x rays and medications. Then the later part of the week I really was not feeling well but decided to go to an estate sale I saw but it did not mention primitives at all. Well, it was late in the day, on the first day of the sale. I knewwhen I walked up on the porch I was in trouble. I found the 1st day 2 primitive high chairs. One in early blue and one in early green. then I found some textile pieces. A set of Arnetts dolls. Unreal!! I decided to go back yesterday and it was pouring rain but I was out anyway from Dr's appt. This time I purchased an early 1800's voting box in early red paint!!!!! Wow!! Also had gotten an old grocery egg crate. Some more smalls. Today there was not much left but I did get another set of dolls that I was surprised to find, Arnetts also. And this blue (early blue) cuoboard I forgot to mention. And a gorgeus quilt that is one of tennessee's oldest quilts according to the quilt guild~!!I have been so lucky finding these things this year. It has been a great start to my sales and I am just getting started, Stay tuned! Hugs


Saturday, March 19, 2011

challenging days







It's hard when you feel bad. At some time or the other we all do!I am so tired of feeling sick and tired! I don't let on like I am sick but the real truth is I am. I don't like that the pain is so incredible I can't sleep.I don't like that I cancel things because I am sick. But, this is my lot in life and I do the best with it I can. It is annoying and you want to cry sometimes. I feel like it is unfair.I feel cheated. I know that is not the Godly way to feel. But people are quick with words and they say stupid things when your sick. Like my friend had Lupus and died. I learned to ignore these silly acquisitions and go on with my life. I am not lollygagging around town like I ama well person! Quite the contrary. I know it helps others to see me living a seemingly normal life. To me there is nothing NORMAL about going to the Dr. every week and taking handfuls of pills. There is nothing normal about feeling exhausted and having a hard time walking at times when you are 55 yrs old!There is something to be said about being sick. You DO stop and smell the roses because you know it could be your last. You do love more deeply and hug more tightly. You do enjoy life more even though it hurts. So see, God knew what he was doing when he allowed me this illness.I still don't like it.I accept it and I never question why??? I always say it could be worse. I am in constant pain. I live. I love. I wash my own clothes. I decorate my house. I play with my grandsons and with my cats. I have a very lovely life. Don't ever think I am complaining. I am alive. I am happy and I am a wife, nana, mother, sister and friend. Do the best with what you are given. God Bless


Thursday, March 17, 2011


Our house!!

Love these ragballs from Kittridge Mercantile!!

a sampling of my crocks

moved my farm table into a nook of the dining room and the boys can have lunch there.


Ok so I have been changing things around. I love when I feel like doing that as it just makes for a fresh start/ Mainly I wanted to post pictures of a few things i have done. I really enjoy it but end up paying for it later. So hope you enjoy the pictures. I had to justify somehow buying a new camera :) Love and Hugs


Sunday, March 13, 2011

My fun day!!!




Hey everyone!! Wow what a busy and fun weekend I had. Saturday I went to a great sale in Kentucky that Kay Rich and Mammy AKA Kathy Jones put on! It was so much fun and they had awesome stuff!!I found a doll that was hand made by Sandy Holt a very talented artist. Love her. Also an old bucket and a tin blue cup. They had everything just PRIM perfect! Kathy has a wonderful PRIM house and a log cabin turned shop on her property. It was a beautiful day for a long drive up and down country roads!I loved it all!!! I had stopped at Rock Garden 1st to pick up some things from a friend that had left there for me!A prim childs chair and 2 old pin cushions made of wonderful tin and homespun!Of course I picked up the new Mercantile Gatherings and an old cheesbox painted red and a firkin! Also went by McClards Antiques and found a fabulous old quilt and a tin measure. On the way home my 5 yr old Grandson called and I picked him up and we headed to Fazoli's for spaghetti and meatballs and then rented a movie and headed home. EXHAUSTED and was having my sale so got with that. Then we watched Matiilda and ate ice cream in bed which thrilled him to pieces!! LOL!!So with my new goods have been decoarting all day and no where near through. Until next time and don't forget to helo me find a new name for my FB page.HUGS