Friday, March 23, 2012

Estate sale finds

Early pewter

I am getting a lot of pewter!!!May have to sell some~~

Love this one~~

I have been contemplating names for my blog but really nothing thrills me, quite honestly!So stay tuned!!Who knows with me.I may keep it afterall!!LOL~~~

I have put a few more spring things out!I just love these little pillow tucks from Deb Peterson!!I can't resist stitchery's!!I had put some Easter grass out and my cat Henry thought it was something for him to play with!!haha!!It is messy anyway.Went to a great estae sale and look at this pewter I found!Unreal!!The large plates on the cupboard on the top shelf and middle are finds!!The 1800's was a great find as well. I really love the thrill of getting up early and hitting these sales!! Finding treasures like these make it truely worthwhile!!Prim Hugs.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Changing my name!!

I have decided that after a while I am tired of the Primgirl name and want a new fresh start.I have tried to think of things I love most in the way of Prims!!MMM, Kinda hard to do since I like so much! So I have decided I would ask my readers for suggestions!You all knowthe things I love so go ahead and send me some suggestions!I hope to get lots of responses!!Primhugs.Candi

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Gathering!

Thegathering was a nice show/ A lot of the vendors didn't show due to illness or what not but It was a good show and I found several items/ Among them/ a Coverlet piece and 3 nice size coverlet pillows/a sweet sampler and resin scoop/ and a fewother items that I have resold!It was great to see old friends and get new goodies!!Prim hugs,Candi

Friday, March 16, 2012

Good Morning!!

Hey everyone! Hope you will have a wonderful weekend!I plan to go to the Gathering but am waiting till after lunch to avoid certain people as of late and plus my nerves have my stomach a mess.  I have been putting off a much needed Endoscopy and need to plan that. Oh how I hate those things.  Being sick all the time just sucks!I never really feel good. Ever. I am 90% of the time nauseated. My pain is not too bad but it comes and go. I know I don't look sick but that is how Lupus is. Very frustrating. My bones are brittle and I bruise if someone touches me too hard or if I brush against something. It is awful! I don't complian too much and if I do I feel I have earned the right too. On another note. I am so happy that the birds are out and singing! That makes me very very happy and my cats love it!!I have decided after moving to this condo thatmy Holiday decorating will be minimal. I have a nice space but my taste are ever changing and I am enjoying the less is more thing. I used to be into grungy primitives but no more. My husband is thrilled he hated it!! ha/He loves the colonial look and so do I. So here are a few spring pics. Again very simple. I am going to be selling over half my Halloween dolls and pumpkins so if you are interested shoot me a message. I am headed to the Gathering show!!Say a prayer!!LOL
Prim hugs,

Monday, March 12, 2012


I trust all is well with everyone! I am starting to get a bit of a feel for spring cleaning and orginization!As most of you know ,we moved a fewmonths ago and with the holidays so soon after moving I really did not get a chance to spend the time allotted for our huge walk in closet. So, that being said I am planning a work in progress/ closet cleaning project!I don't look forward to it but it must be done. If you have any strategies feel free to share:) Prim hugs

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Primitive shopping

I love to shop for prims~A favorite pasttime of mine/They can be quite costly so if your like me bargain hunt. So today was my appt with my Rheumatologist/I have Lupus and Fibro and is quite painful but I manage/I give thanks to the Lord for that. So after my appt I went into downtown Franklin Tenn., which I love!!This is a great antique store. I had been there several times but had been a while as it is good drive there. I saw lots of great things but this one pottery piece caught my eye and made it home with me.I am more aware of what I buy now as my space is smaller and I don't want to be crowded. I am certainly loving this place so much as cleaning is so easy and I don't dread it! Thus allows me more time to prim shop, rest which I desperately need and spend time with my family.Have a blessed day !!!!!!!!!Primgirl

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Mama

Oh how I long for my Mama!!If only I could talk to her she would have the answers I need and The hug I so desperatley miss!!Today is her birthday. She would have been 75. It has been 10 yrs now since she passed away of breast cancer! I want to to remember all the good things about her. Sometimes I think they are fading away. Always on her Birthday she knew that I would be the one that brougt her presents, a cake, a card, balloons and lunch out at her favorite Olive Garden! Because that's me. I overdo. But she loved it and we always will have those memories. I wish she had gotten to know my grandsons. I wish she were here to see my accomplishments and all that I have done. Mainly I just wish she were here.To talk to.My Mom and I would every Sunday after church go antiquing. We would find treasures. Then go home and watch old andy rooney movies and she would cook a wonderful southern meal of green beans, mashed potatoes and okra.Sliced tomatoes and iced tea. There was a cake baked every Sunday. Her favorite was the mandarin orange cake.Mine german chocolate! LOL/ None theless we always had cake and coffee before I went home. I treasure those memories now. I miss her greatly and Mama I hope your celebration in heaven is huge today.~~~