Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Mama

Oh how I long for my Mama!!If only I could talk to her she would have the answers I need and The hug I so desperatley miss!!Today is her birthday. She would have been 75. It has been 10 yrs now since she passed away of breast cancer! I want to to remember all the good things about her. Sometimes I think they are fading away. Always on her Birthday she knew that I would be the one that brougt her presents, a cake, a card, balloons and lunch out at her favorite Olive Garden! Because that's me. I overdo. But she loved it and we always will have those memories. I wish she had gotten to know my grandsons. I wish she were here to see my accomplishments and all that I have done. Mainly I just wish she were here.To talk to.My Mom and I would every Sunday after church go antiquing. We would find treasures. Then go home and watch old andy rooney movies and she would cook a wonderful southern meal of green beans, mashed potatoes and okra.Sliced tomatoes and iced tea. There was a cake baked every Sunday. Her favorite was the mandarin orange cake.Mine german chocolate! LOL/ None theless we always had cake and coffee before I went home. I treasure those memories now. I miss her greatly and Mama I hope your celebration in heaven is huge today.~~~

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