Sunday, January 29, 2012

Crock addict!!

This is an old pic!!

fill them with wooden spoons

love Rowe pottery

That's right!!I admit it!!I am a bonafide Crockaholic!!I love them small/I love them tall/I really really love them all!!Now, I have Dr. Seuss moment out of the way/I tried to remember my first crock. I really can not remember. I think it started out as a pottery obsession/ Moving on to crocks with numbers. then salt glaze and on and on. I have bought and sold tons over the years. Their is just something about a crock that makes a primitive home smile!!So I posted some pics of my crazy obsession!!Are you a crockaholic too???HUGS


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Getting better/I think:(

Well, now on day 4 of being sick!!I have rested, slept, sneezed, coughed, drank tea and sipped soup. I have watched Ellen and HGTV!! My preious Henry never leaves his Mom's side/ heehee//I feel very rested. This morning I ran the vaccum/sick as I was I still washed clothes every day as I can not stand dirty clothes sitting around/This thing, I say it is the flu as I have every single symptom really is a nasty bug to catch!!Times like this I am so glad I keep extra paper towels. diet cokes, popsickles and soup. I have always been one to be prepared. I even had bought myself a new Valentines gown !!On another note It will be a few weeks before I have my update but will let all my friends know as soon as I get it ready !!This thing has slowed me down considerably!!I sound like I have the croup right now!!UGH!!!Going to make some sleepy time tea~~Prim Hugzzzzzzzzzzz.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cleaning out my closet sale SOON/to a picturetrail near you

Biscuit house!!

all these sold!!

sold every single box on here!!I kept the small seeds

Day two of my cold/ It is not too bad as I mostly have the cough, sneeze and lovely fever.AAH yes they go hand in hand!!I did manage to pick up a new humidifyer with the Vicks to go along with. Poor Lloyd still has it also!!We did feel better this morning and went to our fave Biscuit House for breakfast!!If you ever come to Nashville you really need to go there/ The food is amazing!It's a dive lose to downtown. The waitress's are country music stars in training and dress like circa 1983!!Cracks me up!!The biscuits are delish and the home fries are a must have. Anyway, we just had a relaxing day even though we both feel sickly!!I am going to make a cup of chamomille tea and go to bed soon.Rest is what this gal needs.I will be having a cleaning out my closet sale soon!!It will be on picturtrail!If you want an invite please send me your e mail!!Off to make my tea!!God bless,Candi

Friday, January 13, 2012

Feeling sick!!!

's that time of year!Cough cough sneeze sneeze!!The ground is covered with snow and I thought despite the fact I feel so awful I would do some rearranging and laundry.Now my head is pounding, things are turned upside down and laundry is buzzing.I was in the process of stripping sheets off the bed and felt light headed/ Sat down and ate some yogurt and sipping water. I feel a tad better. I really wanted to make taco soup and have not ruled it out completely.:( When Mom was alive and I was sick her cure all was home made potato soup and usually a toasted cheese sandwich to go with.I would like to share her recipe:

3 large potato's Yukon gold is best
half stick butter

3 cups milk

3 cups water

cook potato's till tender but not falling apart

add butter and milk

in a bowl add 2 tablespoons flour and small amount of water to make a paste.This thickens the soup/ add and simmer/ shredded cheese is also good on top/ When your sick there is nothing like it!!

I really do not feel up to it at the moment. Sure wish Mom was here to make me her soup.

I will go back to redecorating when I feel better. Have a blessed day and stay warm!!

Hugs, Candi

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy New Year!!

love this little nook/My Grandmother's Bible resides there!!

my relaxing spot!!

my crock display

It has been a while since I have blogged/With Christmas and all the hustle and bustle now gone I feel a sence of relief!Even though I love Christmas I am glad to get this newplace back to my prim style!With all the Christmas neatly packed away I was able to bring out some pottery and pewter I had stored away/With the new place now bein here going on 3 months I have turned it into a primitive comfy home. Lloyd and I both love it and the cats have adjusted nicely.I am always changing things around. I have simplified my look by purging/I don't want the over done rooms and full walls but a simple pallet/Where we can relax and enjoy our new place/ I wanted to share a few photo's/ It may change tomorrow/ Maybe even today!!Prim hugs.