Thursday, April 28, 2011

Calming effect!!

large prarie dress that hangs on door!

funny! gus coming out of bathroom

love these so much I bought 2 sets



Our California king!

little vintage dresses

The world is definetly a crazy place. You always need a refuge to get away. Read a book or watch an old movie. Me, having Lupus/fibro I never know from min to minute how I am going to feel. So I created am oasis in our bedroom that we can relax in. While I love the look of the old beds I prefer my California King Sleigh bed with comfy matress and large fluffy pillows. I don't like all that stuff on my bed as I never know when I may have to lie down. So thought I would share some photo's/It is not real primitive but it's cozy. I have my tv, my favorite books and magazines and extra pillows. I don't want a lot to look at just my blue fabric boxes from sweet judy Bailey and my pinkeeps from sweet Alecia. My old desk (Early blue) i just purchased resides there now. With Grandmothers old Bible she had when she passed. So, if you don't have an oasis creat one. Lord only knows we all need it!!Love/blessings


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

midnight decorating!!

Some of my dollies

a sampling of my blue dough bowls

That little book was my Grandmothers BIBLE as a child!!

my desk from 1800's

It never fails when I purchase a new large prim piece I have to change the entire rooms. HA!! Crazy it seems but tis so!! I bought an early blue desk from the 1800's that my friend Becky had. OOh , it is a cool piece and I have still not got it where I love it!! I had moved tables around that day and they did not suit me either so after lloyd went to bed around midnight I was moving furniture and rearranging tables!! Next morming Honey bear says to me, yes I know you were moving furniture I heard you at the top of the stairs!!! WEll, I replied. haha For some innane reason I love redecorating at night. Changing tables and prims. Then the next morning it all looks so good. Or you don't like it at all and totally rearrange it all!! I have a dear friend named Etoy and she waits till her husband goes to bed and takes his hearing aid out then she drags out the hammer and nails!! Woohoo we laugh at her all the time as she is hilarious. She is in her late 70's and spry as can be!! We all love her!We are all called the Nashville bunch. It consists of me, Mattie Aldridge, Kim Patterson, Vicki Davis, Jan Smith and Wanda Holleman, and Etoy Neal. The GODFATHER!! She IS the Nashville bunch. The GRANDE Dame!!I will tell more of the Nashville Bunch if you are interested. Just had to share my passion for midnight decoarting!!Hugs and prim Blessings,


Friday, April 22, 2011

Worn out!!

Silence is nice sometimes~~





Today Lloyd and I kept both our sweet grandson's Nicholas and Joseph!Age 5 and 2! And boy am I worn out!!LOL We first went to McDonalds for breakfast and playtime and Joe threw up and I suspect it was the sausage!!We cleaned him up and he felt better so we headed home. Stopped at Lloyd's truck so the boys could play in the semi! They loved that!!I think we all got food poisoning though. UGH!!! We had playtime, Read books. Watched yogibear and Tangled. I baked cookies. We took the little fella's home and stopped for dinner, Tonight worn out and house is a mess and tummy still feels queazy!!But would not take a million dollars for the sweet hugs and kisses. Enjoy your Grandchildren!!Blessings,


Thursday, April 21, 2011

My favorite samplers

http://candisprimlife.blogspot.comAnother favorite!!

My favorite!!

I consider myself fortunate to know so many wonderful folks that create beautiful crafts that I can purchase. I have several favorite ones but tonight wanted to share my fave sampler makers. And a plus is they live near me!! How lucky can you be??Bridgett Swindell aka Bridgetts threads of the Past/ and her wonderful Mother Betty Alexander. They make the most awesome samplers and I wanted to share my newest passion collection/ The samplers!!They make many other wonderful primitives also and Betty's husband makes the Make do chairs! You should see those!! These are 2 of the sweetest people I have ever met in my entire life! They both were featured in Country Sampler last year as well/ Hope you enjoy my collection! Prim Hugs,


Monday, April 18, 2011

You asked for it!!!

Love my doll from Angie Upton and the olde broom I found at a garage sale and use it every day!!
The box over my sink is FULL of antique tin cookie cutters
put my OLDE early voting box in kitchen for now!!

My prim kitchen

Got the olde grater this weekend!!
Kitchen Olde farm table ( I love tables)

My little corner
My OLDE Tennessee whiskey barrell

linens in old basket!

my spaghetti simmering!
My fave lamp!!

My large collection of mustard buckets!!

My Grandson calls this the diamond room!!LOL
Some early blues!

My Keeping Room!! Also fave room in house!!
Ok everyone!! For those that asked here is the pics of the house of my changes. Hope you enjoy!!