Friday, April 22, 2011

Worn out!!

Silence is nice sometimes~~





Today Lloyd and I kept both our sweet grandson's Nicholas and Joseph!Age 5 and 2! And boy am I worn out!!LOL We first went to McDonalds for breakfast and playtime and Joe threw up and I suspect it was the sausage!!We cleaned him up and he felt better so we headed home. Stopped at Lloyd's truck so the boys could play in the semi! They loved that!!I think we all got food poisoning though. UGH!!! We had playtime, Read books. Watched yogibear and Tangled. I baked cookies. We took the little fella's home and stopped for dinner, Tonight worn out and house is a mess and tummy still feels queazy!!But would not take a million dollars for the sweet hugs and kisses. Enjoy your Grandchildren!!Blessings,


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