Monday, May 20, 2013

I trust that everyone is doing well and enjoying the much nicer weather. I promise to get out and about soon and start to enlighten you with new photo's/ So, in the mean time I have revived myself (:) and will bring a few pictures that I already have.
This is a pie safe I am  desperately trying to talk myself out of!! :)SMILE
This crock bench and all the crocks are for
sale $500
Also for sale/Queen ANGST blue coverlet/
Also this awesome 5 arm tin light/$400
I am always selling things so if you are on facebook I have a group called  OLDE MUSTARD BUCKET and we have lots of goodes there. I also have a MAKE AN OFFER group!!
   Come check us out!!!
 I have to scoot and get busy. I am in the midst
of changing my place around. I also have torn a closet apart to spring clean and have that  to tend with/
I have already made 3 trips to goodwill. I did want to show you my find over the weekend. This 
amazing old butter dish. There is a place in the back for a spoon,  exclaimed the Antique dealer/
Also you open it up and it has a little place for ice
underneath where the butter goes. I thought that was the coolest thing!!
Who knows, I may use it. I just thought it was so pretty. I always wonder when I get such treasures who used this. How long they kept it. I am amazed at the oldest of things!!Lloyd also got me a darling set of pewter salt and pepper shakers.  would imagine the last people to use that would have been maybe the 1920's/ Of course there is no way to know for sure.
I hope you find some great treasures.
If interested in any of my goodes just leave a message. You can also find me on Pinterest.
Many Blessings,

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Warmer weather

It is amazingly warm here in Tennessee! There is an effervescent glow in the sky and the breezes are most welcoming here.  I do love this time of year but do not like the hot weather.

I am so ready to go exploring the countryside but my back problems have somewhat hindered me. I love my antique stores and my favorite ones are in Kentucky.

McClard's Antiques is an amazing fun place to visit. There are so many unique antiques and primitives to find there. Gail McClard is such a sweet dear friend of mine. I love to go there and usually stop and take us  a lunch and we chat and talk about decorating. I have found lots of treasures there.

Another Favorite place is Rock Garden Farms. I love this place and Darlene is so sweet~!She has tons of Primitives, Antiques and great old Antiques! You truly never know what you will find there.
If you get a chance go~~
McClard's Antiques~~

I also love old Barns~!!
So I am planning soon to visit these places and many other favorite haunts!!
I have to first get my back problems squared away as it is quite painful to do very much right now. I do hope you will stop by these places if you get a chance/You will not be disappointed!!

With Much love, Candilou

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

I wanted to wish all my dear friends a very Happy Mother's Day!!I certainly do miss my Mom/ She was an amazing woman! If she were here we would go to church. Then lunch somewhere nice. Then to her house for cake and coffee. I always got her a present, flowers and a cake. I love to spoil people:)  Momma died in 2002 after a courageous battle with breast cancer! She fought it hard but eventually it took over her life/ We miss her terribly!!

Things I remember about Momma~~~~

1. She loved to bake a cake on Sunday

2. She loved old movies

3. She loved Big Band Music

4. She loved the color pink

5. She loved Quilts

6. She loved iced tea

7. She made THE best meatloaf

8. She was a very smart woman.

9. She was quiet and reserved!!

10. She loved Tea in the afternoon

11. She loved flowers.

12. She always had  a way to make you feel better!!

13. She loved  to cook

14. She loved  jewelry.

15. She loved books

16. She loved Kevin Costner

17. She loved pink roses

18. She loved  her cat TC!!

19. She loved  new linens

20. She loved  Andy Griffith

These are just some of the sweet things I remember about Momma. I asked my Grandson, Nick, who is 7 what 10 things I love:) haha

Here they are:

1. Nana loves Antiques

2. Stuff that looks like antiques

3. She loves pictures

4. She loves candles

5. Nana loves Henry!!Her cat

6. Baskets

7. Me and Joe

8. Oscar the cat

9. She loves to feed the birds

10. She loves Plants


Too cute/ I try and instill things in my Grandson's heads about me and that they will remember long after I am gone.

I want them to remember me as a Fun Nana!!

I always miss My Mom esp. at Mother's Day! But, tomorrow I will go somewhere nice with my daughter and Grandsons to eat/ And make memories just like I used to with Mom.

May you all have a blessed and Happy Mother's day!!

This is my precious Grandmother Edith!! Oh how I miss her~~~~
My beautiful daughter, Tasha~~~
My baby Henry!!!
Me & boys
old Mother's day card!!
Our family circa 1965
When she was 16!!