Thursday, April 26, 2012


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Gus's last picture!!
I would certainly be remiss if I did not have a post about our Gus~~As most of you know he was our beloved 15 yr old cat that we said goodbye to this week!He was the sweetest cat we ever owned. He was a true gentleman/He had the greenest eyes!! He loved everyone. Unlike my other 2 rotten kitties!!:) He would come to Lloyd every time he called him. He would buck his head up in the air and we always laughed at that. He first came to live with us 15 yrs ago when Tasha and I had went to a local pet shop. There was little Gus. All the other kitties were gone but no one took him as his tail was broken~ We fell in love with him. Paid only $10 and took him home wrapped in a red bow for LLoyd's father's day gift and they took to each other immediately!!LLoyd was crazy over Gus as was I ,as was anyone that knew him. He loved all the critters I fed over the years. Racoon's, birds, deer and turkey's!.In his later years we called him Grandpa Gus!!He was well loved and had a wonderful life!It is devastating losing a family member!! I could never say how much w loved him and always will live in our hearts!!I think of him in heaven with Abby trolloping the fields and being free!He loved his treats and got them often!!He loved my antiques bowls and high chairs. He was a funny guy!We love you Gussy!I wanted to share our memories and some pics of our sweet boy!!xoxo

Monday, April 23, 2012

The blah's

Today is feel so BLAH!! Not great, not too bad just BLAH!! LOL/ I feel like staying in my PJ's all day. I have to go to post office and get my venti iced coffee!!Pathetic isn't it?Such an addict!!haha Love my coffee. Recently bought a new Keurig!! Coffee is amazing! I love the Green Mountain Nantucket blend!!So yummy with my morning biscuit. I am very much a creature of habit! I was really sad that I had to take my bird feeder down as they made a huge mess on my balcony and the lady underneath me. Speaking of , this woman drives me crazy with her TV!!It must be right underneath our bed because every night I hear it loud and clear around 3:00 am and I finally reported it to the Homeowners association. When my sleep is interrupted forget it!!Enough said. These lovely samplers my friend Sandy Holt made. I love unframed samplers to hang over a chair or basket. I love the look. The babies and I had fun yesterday. We watched movies and baked cookies. They are great for making you HAPPY!!!Well I am going to make a feeble attempt to get dressed and head to Post office. I have laundry going and going to wash sheets. I hope your Monday is a good one and much love to all/ xoxo

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shopping day

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A few days ago I just had to get away! So I drove to Ky. which is not that far from us.about 45 mins. I went to a cute little shop Small Town Primitives. She had amazing prices and I really enjoyed  the shop. Found this amazing tin lamp. It is huge and  is  so  pretty at night/ I love it right here on my sawbuck table. I then drove on to Rock Garden Farms and also bought the topiary pictured  here. Oh forgot I got this great smelling candle also. It was fun to get away. I had some lunch and drove thru the country.  I think everyone needs these times. Well, My grandsons are coming over. I am baking chocolate chip cookies and rented a new spongebob movie so this is really good for me. It helps me think like a child. LOL/ The other day Nick had a green lollipop. It smelled so good and took me back years ago. Do you remember the smells of childhood? Green lolly's, classrooms, the library and cafeteria? It is so wonderful. I love being a Nana better than anything ever!!!Have a great day friends. xoxoxo

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Life happens

I am still struggling with the fact that Russ is gone!It just is not fair and does not make sense to me! It certainly makes you look at life a little differently. How precious and short it really is/ I am trying to do some things differently. Like spend time with people that really care about you and what is important to me. My family and friends are the most important but GOD being the FIRST!!Since we have moved to the condo we get to spend a lot more time with Tasha and Dave and of course the boys!!This makes me very happy!!I am taking a day at a time. It's hard. It hurts. I am busying myself with resuming spring cleaning and have gotten a little more done. I would love to move furniture but not up to that task yet!!Have a wonderful blessed day and cherish the time you have with loved ones!!Candi

Friday, April 13, 2012


It is a day of sorrow. a day of remembering. a brother that I loved and will miss so much!A day of saying goodbye my beloved brother until we meet again!I woke up this morning going about my daily habits and it just hit me all over again that he is gone. There is no comfort in knowing you can never speak to him again. Never hear his jokes or hug his neck!I know it is a part of life and I think we are all going thru the motions. But I am at peace as well as I can.My stomach is in knots but with the prayers and the Holy spirit we will all be ok. May the love of your family surround you today/Love xoxoxoox

Sunday, April 8, 2012


We serve a risen saviour! For those that believe. He has risen from the dead ! Every knee shall bow , every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! This is the day that the Lord hath made and I will be glad and rejoice in it!Today on Easter Sunday, may we be reminded it is not about the Easter Bunny. the chocolate or the ham but that our KING HAS RISEN!!!!He is LORD!! Today of all days may we be reminded of this! I chose today to spend quite time with Jesus. To help  heal my wounds. To have peace in my heart at such a sad time. LLoyd and I baked a ham yesterday and celebrated the :Tradition: of the Easter dinner and such. I even went to the bakery and got the little chocolate petite fours. I watched some of the ten commandements. The kids are out of town, Lloyd is working and I am just going to take this time to spend with the Lord. In the quiet, Listening to the glorious birds.I wanted  to add some random pictures so hope you enjoy them!I have places to go. I just need this right now. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter Sunday and may you be blessed beyond measure. Love,Candi

Friday, April 6, 2012


I am sure most of you know by now the sudden death of my younger brother Russ!!He had some health scares in the past but was feeling good the last days of his life. Then suddenly Tuesday night he became very dizzy and nauseated and disoriented. He was life flighted but the clot had trippled in size. He passed away and he was also an organ donor. God bless him for that/I along with his entire family and all of his friends will miss his fun sense of humor. It was hard to get a word in when you talked to Russ!LOL/ He was a kind soul/ I called him first when anything happened. I had talked to him last on Sunday when I called to tell him our other brother Rick had , had a heart attack.  Hind site is 20/20/ Life indeed is short. It is bittersweet. Rusty was 6 yrs younger than me. He was handsome and quirky. Funny and quick witted and one of the smartest people I knew. He was extremely inteligent! He also had Lupus. Discoid.  It is a sad time for this family. He leaves behind 2 daughters. His faithful companion Karen. He will always be with me. I loved him.We all did/ RIP my sweet angel brother. May you sail through the sunsets you loved so very much!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring cleaning

For the last few days I had been contemplating those dreaded words SPRING CLEANING!!!! UGH!!! How I have a love hate relationship with those words!In essence I started today in my huge master walk in/ I made it half way thru and had to quit. My grandson, Nick has been here a few days so we went to McDonalds so he could play on the playground inside and we had ice cream cones. Then shopping and picked up a pizza for dinner. Rented him some movies/ I will resume the dreaded closet tomorrow.Have a lovely evening and May God Bless!!