Thursday, April 26, 2012


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Gus's last picture!!
I would certainly be remiss if I did not have a post about our Gus~~As most of you know he was our beloved 15 yr old cat that we said goodbye to this week!He was the sweetest cat we ever owned. He was a true gentleman/He had the greenest eyes!! He loved everyone. Unlike my other 2 rotten kitties!!:) He would come to Lloyd every time he called him. He would buck his head up in the air and we always laughed at that. He first came to live with us 15 yrs ago when Tasha and I had went to a local pet shop. There was little Gus. All the other kitties were gone but no one took him as his tail was broken~ We fell in love with him. Paid only $10 and took him home wrapped in a red bow for LLoyd's father's day gift and they took to each other immediately!!LLoyd was crazy over Gus as was I ,as was anyone that knew him. He loved all the critters I fed over the years. Racoon's, birds, deer and turkey's!.In his later years we called him Grandpa Gus!!He was well loved and had a wonderful life!It is devastating losing a family member!! I could never say how much w loved him and always will live in our hearts!!I think of him in heaven with Abby trolloping the fields and being free!He loved his treats and got them often!!He loved my antiques bowls and high chairs. He was a funny guy!We love you Gussy!I wanted to share our memories and some pics of our sweet boy!!xoxo


  1. Gus was beautiful! My heart goes out to you for your loss.

    Carmen and the Primcats

  2. Dang it, it just makes me so sad to lose a pet, they are so precious. Sounds like Gus was a very special kitty!

  3. Hello,so sorry to hear about Gus,losing a beloved pet is heartbreaking. The house seems so quite and just not the same. Blessings Francine.