Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Being Lazy

Today I just feel really tired and exhausted. Having Lupus /fibro both takes it's toll on you. I have days where I don't feel up to things. Today is one of those days.I opted to curl up on my couch and watch the shows I have taped on my DVR. I had 2 Dr's appt's in 2 days and when you get out, at least me, I can not get in the mood to do chores. I have much to do and yet here I sit.It actually feels good to rest though as I am bad about that!!!It is so hard when you are a primitive decorator. You want to be doing something. AND then I just realized. I have an on line open house tonite!!!YEAH!!!So, that bing said I feel a little rejuvinated!!I will take my bath and stick a dinner in the oven and me and my couch will enjoy the shows. Oh and Henry. He is my CONSTANT companion!!!LOL

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Grandmother

Yesterday would have been my Grandmother's birthday/and I am not exactly sure what age she would have been. I tried taking pictures w/ my camera of her but they came out too blurryShe would have been in her late 80's. What an angel she was. My Grandmother was GRAND all right!!She always said I was her favorite and I believe her. The things I remember most about her; She had the softest skin. Like a baby. She used Jergens lotion and loved Avon products. She always had juicy fruit gum in her purse. She had the cleanest bath tub I have ever seen in my life and she used Bon Ami!!. She read the Bible daily and quoted Bible verses to me my entire life. She was an excellent cook. She would say (Day My Goodness) when something you said was unreal!!LOL. She wrote me very long letters when we moved away and I have them all. She had arthritis really bad and suffered from that!She gave the bEST hugs. A REAL hug that meant something. She always smiled. She was a gentle woman of God. She was very private and nosy at the same time!!LOL I say a lot of my Primitive beginnings came from Grandmother. She had lots of quilts. Her home was very country. She had a little yellow house with a fence around it and flowers everywhere. I actually am tearing up writing about her because I miss her SOOOOOO much. She was my link. The person that could talk me off a ledge. The person that made me realize everything would be ok. I remember running to her as a small child and her hug would shield me. The only two times I ever remember making her angry was 1. I let her bird, Tweety out of his cage because I felt he should fly free!!2. I called her GRanny one time instead of Grandmother and you would have thought the world came to an end!!HA You can not call me Granny ever!!It makes me sound so old!!LOL Too funny. So here's to you Grandmother. Save me a place at the table for one day I plan to join you in that mansion in the sky. I miss you. Edith Miranda Richey. My GRAND Mother



Saturday, August 28, 2010


Grandsons Nick and Joseph!!

Nick and Boppa!!!

Why is iT Saturday's go by so fast? Of course we always get up early and go to our fave breakfast place,Nashville Biscuit House and man is it good!!The best homemade biscuits and home fries, great coffee and eggs and Lloyd swears by the grits and gravy. I do not eat either of those!!!If your in Nashville you need to try it! It's a dive close to downtown where the waitress is an aspiring country music singer and a little doll. We love her!Anyways, after breakfast we hit the yard sales. My big finds today; 2 wooden spoons and some old tin measuring cups. Lloyd is the reader in the family and he found lots of books. We did score some fresh red and green tomatoes at the YMCA's yard sale /fund raiser and some clothes for the boys. We always go and go on Saturday's but I love it. Tasha and the boys came over a few hrs and of course Nick stayed!!LOL. Lloyd grilled burgers tonite and Nick and I went jean shopping for some new jeans for school. Came home and had pie and baths and Nick and Boppa are fast asleep and of course here I am. Relaxing with my diet coke and Facebook.
Have a great evening folks,

Friday, August 27, 2010

Yard sale talk!!

Today being a friday I hit the yard sale trail. Today I went to a yard sale in a very affluent neighborhood here in Nashville, where the homes are $1,000,000 and up!!!YEAH!!!!They had nice things. I bought Lloyd some books and a wooden spoon and Christmas greenery for myself. I noticed an older lady walking around staring at everybody with her nose held high in the air!!Ok so your selling your $350 sheets for $20 at a yard sale!!BIG DEAL!!LOL!! It amuses me to watch folks at these gatherings. They are so comical. So many different walks of life. I get a kick out of the things they buy as well as they probably think WTH is she doing with a wooden spoon!!!LOL!!Then I see this neighborhood OMG on the lake!!!My dream to live near the water or ON the water!!These homes are so beautiful. But the one thing was I noticed not one single home had a bucket,flag or rocking chair any where to be seen. Shoot, I knew I would not find anything here. So tomorrow I am hitting the other side of the RR tracks!!hee Hee. Wish me luck.

Happy Yard Saling.


Thursday, August 26, 2010


This is called Home Run and has chocolate covered peanuts and caramel!!

Brusters ice cream in Bowling Green, Ky.

lamp shade for crock

Crock I got at Joyce's!

plan to make a lamp out of this!!

Vicki's little barn/cabin!!

I decided today it would be a perfect day for a drive and a shopping trip to Kentucky so I headed out!!I stopped at my friend Vicki's house for a few.She would have went with me but was a little under the weather ! I left there and drove into Bowling Green to pick up lunch for my friend Gayle and I. Then I headed to McClards Antiques. We had a nice lunch and lots of laughs and then I looked around the store.I bought several things including my fall wreath!!I left Gayle's and went to Joyce's,a place Kay had told me about and bought 2 crocks and a wonderful wooden spoon there. I got some old rusty looking hooks at McClards.my wreath, 2 fall candle mats, 2 tea dyed towels, some old looking fall apples, some pumpkin pods, the lamp shade and I think that was it!!LOL. After all that shopping I needed a treat so I hit Brusters Ice cream in BG. Delicious!!! Then Iced coffee at Starbucks and headed home. I wnated to go to Rock Garden but it was getting late and I like to get home before the Nashville traffic gets crazy. So that's my day in Kentucky. I am cleaning and decorating a little and going to soak in a tub of hot water and watch Royal Pains!!LOL



Tuesday, August 24, 2010






Isn't it wonderful that we have face book and can check out all the wonderful fall decoartions our friends are doing in their homes~It is very inspiring to me. You don't have to go overboard you can just add touches here and there. A pumpkin or two and some fall pics added in with your prims transforms your house instantly! So get out your stuff ladies and start decorating. It is early still but I want to savor rvery single moment of the fall deco as it is my fave of all!!

Have a great day all,


Sunday, August 22, 2010


Today I am sitting here thinking what I need to be doing. Pondering where the box of fall stuff is that contains the rest of my goodies!!My guess is in the attic behind the Christmas stuff. And,it is so hot up there. Lloyd said he would get it for me but I am anxious and want to finish!!He has to work so there you go!Us decorators are anxious and want it done yesterday!!!After seeing Mammy's Prim perfect house it really puts you in full decorating mode!I went to Old Time Pottery but just could not find anything. So, after 1 starbucks venti iced coffee I decided to check out Joann's. I did find a bunch of old looking sunflowers and plan to decorate them later.So, I better head up stairs to look for that box of goodies. Have a fun filled Prim Perfect Day!!!


Saturday, August 21, 2010


Bakers Dozen! Also made by Mammy!!!

My prarie dress Mammy made!!

Door prize!!! I won!!!

Today was our first Primitive Gathering and it was held at Mammy's house AKA Kathy Jones. In Scottsville Ky. There were I believe 8 of us and we had fun, food and lots of Prim Talks and laughs!!Of course we had a wonderful time looking at all Mammy's prims and listen to her tales.She is a great story teller and has us all rollin in stitches from laughter at her antics!!She has a story behind each and every piece and it is so wonderful and endearing to listen to each one. This was a great ideal to have these gatherings as we all have a common bond and ours being Primitives was the icing on the cake. It left all of us anxious for our next get together. Also, I was thrilled as I had won the door prize. A Juicy Apple candle made by Keepers of The Light!!It smells amazing !!!I had asked Mammy a few weeks back to make me some prarie dresses and here is what I got.I love them Mammy!!! I found some f=goodies at McClards also but will post tomorrow as I am so tired. Thanks for stopping by!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Decorating tweaks

These are my early old tin cookie cutters I found at Trash and treasure!!

My blue cabinet

It is beginning to feel like fall despite the fact that it is 100 degrees outside. I have been slowly taking things out and placing them where I want them. At least for now. I decorated my blue cabinet and I am pleased wth the way it turned out. I have so many irons in the fire that I am overwhelmed right now. This is the Lupus part. Any amont of stress causes a flare and decorating tho fun, can be quite stressful. I have managed to get a lot done despite it all but still have one bag of goodies I am missing. This has all my little pumpkin picks and pumpkins and fall stems. Where in the world did I put that bag???I can't be the only one that loses last yrs stuff!!!LOL So, I am off upstairs to look in the attic again. It is pouring down here. Thunder and lightning. A great day to decorate! Then I am making a delicious soup. It smells wonderful and when you feel bad it taste great. Even if you feel good it taste great!!