Saturday, August 28, 2010


Grandsons Nick and Joseph!!

Nick and Boppa!!!

Why is iT Saturday's go by so fast? Of course we always get up early and go to our fave breakfast place,Nashville Biscuit House and man is it good!!The best homemade biscuits and home fries, great coffee and eggs and Lloyd swears by the grits and gravy. I do not eat either of those!!!If your in Nashville you need to try it! It's a dive close to downtown where the waitress is an aspiring country music singer and a little doll. We love her!Anyways, after breakfast we hit the yard sales. My big finds today; 2 wooden spoons and some old tin measuring cups. Lloyd is the reader in the family and he found lots of books. We did score some fresh red and green tomatoes at the YMCA's yard sale /fund raiser and some clothes for the boys. We always go and go on Saturday's but I love it. Tasha and the boys came over a few hrs and of course Nick stayed!!LOL. Lloyd grilled burgers tonite and Nick and I went jean shopping for some new jeans for school. Came home and had pie and baths and Nick and Boppa are fast asleep and of course here I am. Relaxing with my diet coke and Facebook.
Have a great evening folks,

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