Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mammy's house and meeting Kay!!!

Mammy's daddy made this! Do you not Love this???
Mammy's Keeping Room!!!This is a pic of the original settlers in that area!!How cool is that???


Vicki,me and Kay!!!The three muskateers!!!

Today was what I will call PRIM PERFECT!!!!Met up with my BFF and partner in crime Vicki at Cracker Barrell for breakfast.After a wonderful meal we hit the road to our fave store McClards in Scottsville Ky. Finally at last we got to meet Kay Kelly Rich.What an angel!!! So sweet. I was beyond thrilled to meet her!!!We headed down the country hilly roads passing barns and cows alike heading to Mammy's house. We didn't know what to expect!!!LOL. Was she a real Mammy!!!LOL Our imaginations are a little wild sometimes!!HA Well, turns out Mammy was a wonderful country lady that had a home that you just wanted to oogle!!!Gorgeous!!!I was speechless!! Not only did this lady decorate but she made a ton of her stuff! We would ask where did you get this? Daddy and me was the inevitable response.She makes dresses and furniture. She cooks delicious homemade meals EVERY night for her entire family. I was so envious of the farm living, as I am a city girl!!I could enjoy that slower pace of life but then again no Starbux close, no Kroger or Walgreens. I dunno!!!We did have a PrimFab day @ Mammy's.At her request we did not take pics of her!!She is adorable I will say that. After saying our goodbyes Vicki and I hit the burger joint and got burgers and diet cokes and hit the antique road!!! She found a wonderful OLD Prim barrell. I found a wonderful firkin and the new Primitive magazine.I am sure tonite we will be dreaming of mammy's house. How fun!! I adored Kay and Mammy both and I am certain we will be long time friends.
Thank you Lord for Country friends!!!

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  1. Oh it sounds like such a wonderful day Candi & I sure wish I could've been there to meet the 3 of my dearest friends also !! I love the picture of you all, such a sweet friendship ♥