Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Grandmother

Yesterday would have been my Grandmother's birthday/and I am not exactly sure what age she would have been. I tried taking pictures w/ my camera of her but they came out too blurryShe would have been in her late 80's. What an angel she was. My Grandmother was GRAND all right!!She always said I was her favorite and I believe her. The things I remember most about her; She had the softest skin. Like a baby. She used Jergens lotion and loved Avon products. She always had juicy fruit gum in her purse. She had the cleanest bath tub I have ever seen in my life and she used Bon Ami!!. She read the Bible daily and quoted Bible verses to me my entire life. She was an excellent cook. She would say (Day My Goodness) when something you said was unreal!!LOL. She wrote me very long letters when we moved away and I have them all. She had arthritis really bad and suffered from that!She gave the bEST hugs. A REAL hug that meant something. She always smiled. She was a gentle woman of God. She was very private and nosy at the same time!!LOL I say a lot of my Primitive beginnings came from Grandmother. She had lots of quilts. Her home was very country. She had a little yellow house with a fence around it and flowers everywhere. I actually am tearing up writing about her because I miss her SOOOOOO much. She was my link. The person that could talk me off a ledge. The person that made me realize everything would be ok. I remember running to her as a small child and her hug would shield me. The only two times I ever remember making her angry was 1. I let her bird, Tweety out of his cage because I felt he should fly free!!2. I called her GRanny one time instead of Grandmother and you would have thought the world came to an end!!HA You can not call me Granny ever!!It makes me sound so old!!LOL Too funny. So here's to you Grandmother. Save me a place at the table for one day I plan to join you in that mansion in the sky. I miss you. Edith Miranda Richey. My GRAND Mother



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  1. What beautiful words! Im sure your grandmother is with you each and everyday Candi! Hugs to you!