Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Decorating tweaks

These are my early old tin cookie cutters I found at Trash and treasure!!

My blue cabinet

It is beginning to feel like fall despite the fact that it is 100 degrees outside. I have been slowly taking things out and placing them where I want them. At least for now. I decorated my blue cabinet and I am pleased wth the way it turned out. I have so many irons in the fire that I am overwhelmed right now. This is the Lupus part. Any amont of stress causes a flare and decorating tho fun, can be quite stressful. I have managed to get a lot done despite it all but still have one bag of goodies I am missing. This has all my little pumpkin picks and pumpkins and fall stems. Where in the world did I put that bag???I can't be the only one that loses last yrs stuff!!!LOL So, I am off upstairs to look in the attic again. It is pouring down here. Thunder and lightning. A great day to decorate! Then I am making a delicious soup. It smells wonderful and when you feel bad it taste great. Even if you feel good it taste great!!


  1. Hi Candi,
    I absolutely love it when you post pictures of your gorgeous home!!
    I know I have said it B4 but...
    I LOVE the way you decorate!!
    Thanks for the eye candy!!

    PS. Your standing pumpkin man.... Did you make him??
    He's adorable!!

  2. Thank you Tammy so much!! I actually got him at Arnetts Country Store's open house last year. I just love him. Thanks again for your sweet comments!!!