Monday, January 21, 2013

What is Normal??

I will have to say that nothing in my life is normal and most likely won't be for a very long time to come. The past month has been pretty much a blur. My sweet husband Lloyd, was having chest pain, shoulder and neck pain so I took him to the ER!! To make a long story short that ER visit lasted 15 days, many many tests and a double bypass to boot!

It was and still is so frightening. He is home recovering now but I can see that it will be a slow go and that we just have to be patient.

It is definitely a life altering experience. I am so very grateful that he is alive and I have him still. When you almost lose someone you love like that it affects the very core of your being. My husband of 37 years. He was in the hospital  on our anniversary so Tasha took me out to dinner. It was a sweet gesture and definitely cheered me up. We are blessed to have such a sweet daughter!!

So, I am now a caretaker. Doling out medications certain times of the day. Making healthy meals 3xs a day/ Cleaning and  trying to make LLoyd more comfortable and cheerful.

I feel useful and love every minute of taking care of him. I am afraid to leave him for to long. I have not been gone over an hour at a time. Which, for me is strange. I know it will get better.

He really has to make me get out. We live so close to everything that part is nice. It has been hard financially as it has been a month and no paychecks. He has short term disability but that has not kicked in yet as it takes forever.

So this is what is going on in my life. I am very busy these days and  I ask that you please pray for us! I know that in time he will heal up and be good as new. But to see my big strapping man losing so much weight and being so very sick has taken it's toll!!

It is hard I will tell you that.

On another note, we had a nice quiet Christmas here with just Tash, Dave and the boys!! Lloyd was not feeling well then. I am hoping and praying that we are getting the bad things out of the way in the first of the year and it will just improve from here. ..

It was indeed a blessing that he went to the ER and that he was allowed to live!!

God knows I still need him here with me and Tasha and the babies.

I wish you all a healthy wealthy New Year!!!

Many Blessings,