Saturday, May 26, 2012


I love to visit my Kentucky friends!!Gayle McClard @ McClard's Antiques has a fabulous shop in Scottsville!!You can find most anything in there.I thought since the heat was so bad I would head that way and check out some antique stores~~

There is a neat antique store in Scottsville also!! There is also Rock Garden in Woodburn Ky/ and this little shop in Franklin Ky. called Small Town Primitives!!It is a great store with great prices. Cindy Wilson is the proprietor and sweet as can be!! So if you ever head up to Franklin. Scottsville or Woodburn check out my friends stores~~About 45 mins from Nashville Tenn. You won't be disappointed~~

I have coveted this crock for years!!!
I like this store~~

Great bench~~

Friday, May 25, 2012

Lucky finds

It was a really lucky day finding some good prims!You never know! It was so  hot out in the 90's! So after 5 unsuccessful yard sales I decided to go to some of my fave little antique/ junk stores~~Oh what luck/ Found 3 pieces of gorgeous pewter/ A really cute book for the boys by a local  author~~

Then at my next stop I found a few pieces of Pfltazgraf  that I collect to add to my collection! Also a delightful antique Ironstone plate with pretty purple flowers~~

I figured since My sweetie has to work I picked up a vege plate!! And since it was so hot I treated myself to a cappuccino blast!Also picked up fresh squash and tomato's

So I have new magazines/one I got for $1!!New nail polish at CVS /on sale for $2.99/I love the instant dry~~ So I am going to take a nice bath/do my nails and watch House hunters International~ Staying in where it is cool!!Have a great weekend!!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

I am NOT a country girl!!

Ok so yesterday I went to visit my friend Gayle McClard!Owner and proprieter of McClard's antiques in Scottsville ky~

We had a great visit and I got the new Primitive place mag and it is fabulous!!I also got a beautiful bue coverlet!!! I have not taken a photo yet but will be in my next blog post~

So on the way home I decide to go thru the country vs the interstate to which I normally travel!!MISTAKE~~~I got lost. I called Lloyd and he didn't even know where I was!!All I could see were old barns. houses 100's of years old and unlived in!! EEEK I AM a city girl!! Bring on the people, the traffic, the noise!!YIKES!!I got  alittle scared as there was NO road signs anywhere!!

Then, I remembered Gayle and she is a country gal so I called and told her where I was. She knew exactly where I was at. I knew when I saw AMISH market I was way out!! 30 mins later (I turned around) back to I -65 and I was doing 80!!!Thank the Lord!!

I admire you country gals with farm houses and all the animals as I love animals but honestly I could NEVER live out that far!!I need lights at night. I need a Target 2 mins away and a Starbucks!I can't handle the country!! I LIKE visiting and I love the scenery but bring on the pavement!!LOL

Have a great day to all I am headed to Starbucks~~~

Much Love, Candi

Sunday, May 13, 2012

spoiling myself!!

Ok I admit it!! I spoil myself!!Why not? You live but once/Why deny yourself of the delicacy's of life!!So being Mother's day should it be any different? I am blessed. I have a beautiful sweet daughter and 2 precious Grandson's/ A Husband that adores me and my cats think I am the best Mom ever!!HEEHEE/ I TREATED myself last week to this new coverlet for out bed. I absolutely love it and had been looking for a while for one this size~~Lloyd got me this beautiful sampler from my dear friend Bridgett Swindell!! Went to breakfast with Lloyd, Tasha and the boys!! So good and even got free fudge cake~~I have a new night gown to put on after my bath and watch the Finale on Desperate Housewives!! I LOVE  my gown and sweet photo of my boys!! How special this is~~I miss my dear Mom on Mother's day!! I spoiled her too ~~I just know she is celebrating having her son. my sweet brother Rusty with her now~~So Happy Mother's day dear friends!Don't deny yourself  of life's little pleasures. If you want a cup of ice cream eat it!!If you want new pillows buy them/Love life for it does not last forever. xoxoox


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Is it summer already?

It has been crazy here in Tennessee!!Weather wise that is!!One day rainy and hot/next day cooler but pollen is out of control!!Causing my allergies to go haywire! I am proud with my progress of decluttering as it is really coming along~ With the crazy weather I have been staying in a lot ,allowing time for this! Even thinning out my primitives!!I am liking it so much better~My pewter collection needed thinning and I sold some of it!!Bought a new coverlet for my bed and can not wait to get it!! I have been working in my bedroom all day and had to run out to Publix and of course Starbucks~ Brought dinner home from my fave Demo's tonight. Lloyd has to work so I am going to relax and look through some of my favorite Jill Peterson books!!Have a wonderful evening everyone!!
Prim hugs,

My new doll~~