Friday, May 25, 2012

Lucky finds

It was a really lucky day finding some good prims!You never know! It was so  hot out in the 90's! So after 5 unsuccessful yard sales I decided to go to some of my fave little antique/ junk stores~~Oh what luck/ Found 3 pieces of gorgeous pewter/ A really cute book for the boys by a local  author~~

Then at my next stop I found a few pieces of Pfltazgraf  that I collect to add to my collection! Also a delightful antique Ironstone plate with pretty purple flowers~~

I figured since My sweetie has to work I picked up a vege plate!! And since it was so hot I treated myself to a cappuccino blast!Also picked up fresh squash and tomato's

So I have new magazines/one I got for $1!!New nail polish at CVS /on sale for $2.99/I love the instant dry~~ So I am going to take a nice bath/do my nails and watch House hunters International~ Staying in where it is cool!!Have a great weekend!!


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