Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nashville Flea Mkt

Today I Had to seek comfort in the sacred land called the Nashville flea Mkt. I love going out there and getting my PRIM fix!! I love the smells and the different vendors offering their wares. It is a joyous place. A revelation as us primsters might say!!We can buy an old dough bowl, a bucket and shampoo all in one place!! We can eat fresh popped kettle corn and corn dogs if you like. Or even sample little bites of homemade apple pies. If you are ever in Nashville on the 4th weekend of the month, you simply must try. Stop and enjoy the wonder of it all and maybe you will see me. Eating Kettle corn and all!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

It was a truely blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!!I feel nostalgic today missing my parents and brothers and sister!Is it never going to go away?That feeling of loss of a family???I still have my extended family and I love them so much!!They are the nicest bunch of folks you could ever meet. They all are close and never say a cross word. There was a house full and so much food!!!Turkey,ham, green beans, stuffing,yams, dumplings, broccoli casserole,mac and cheese, cheesy potatoes, hot rolls, all kinds of cassrole's.Desserts were Italian cream cheese cake, lemon pound cake, chocolate pie, pumpkin spice bars, coconut pies, carrot cake, red velevet cupcakes, and coconut cake!!!Oh so much food!!!After lunch we all gathered in the great room, My SIL's house is over 5,000 sq feet, and we watched old home movies. My sweet Mother in law Cora was on there and she passed away about 20 or more yrs ago.And my sweet husband's granny was on there also and she was a full blooded cherokee indian. I got teary eyed seeing Cora and Granny!!I miss them SOOOOO much!!I was so close to Cora. I can not say enough good things about her.She was kind, a devout Christian.Kept the cleanest house I have ever been in and we would go visit them at 9 pm and she would be doing laundry. I could go on forever about her. And Granny. She made the best homemade biscuits.So did my Grandmother and homemade pear preserves. My fave. I miss those that have gone but have so much love for the ones that are still here. I am blessed to be a part of such a loving family. I wish my brothers, sister and I could all get together but my one brother is very sick and the other one really won't ever come when I invite him. I feel the loss today. I really do.I hope you all had a great day. I love my sweet FB friends. You all help me so much more than you will ever know. Love you all.Blessings


Monday, November 22, 2010


my car packed to the gills!!HA

Me and Vicki!!

Arnetts Country Store!

Rhonda'a home!!

Lazy Ridge!!

This past weekend my good friend Stacee Droight owner/proprietor of Arnetts Country Store in Frankfort Illinois was having their Christmas sale. I haven't missed in the last 20 yrs except when I had heart surgery in 2001. So my friend Vicki Davis and I headed up. Usually Lloyd goes with me but he had to work. We left on Friday and headed to Lazy Ridge Country store in Benton Ky. Found some great deals there and headed to my friend Wanda Washburns tag sale. Found several wonderful goods there!!Including a set of black/cream checked make do chairs for $45 each!!!While there we met a friend of Wanda's named Rhonda and were invited to tour her home!WOW, is all I can say.What a treat and such a nice person!!It was around 7:00 before we checked into our room in Paducah Ky and we then left to go out to dinner. We (mostly me) was tired so we looked at some Prim books and went to bed early. The next morning after breakfast at the hotel we headed to Arnetts!!Wow, what fun we had and I met Judy Bailey an angel of a Face Book friend and had a wonderful time shopping and hunting!!LOL We had a great time. I bought a large Santa, 2 long sacks w/ writing, a box that says 1892/ A wonderful handy that says Merry Christmas, an .old high chair, a couple of buckets, a bear. I really can't remember it all!! I do remember fun, laughter and crazy girl talk!!LOL I posted some pics of our trip. Hope you enjoy CANDI///

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Decorating thoughts

I am always looking for different ways to Prim up my house. Thought I would share some pictures of the decorating I have been working on.You can also check me out on picture trail I really enjoy the decorating and listening to Christmas music. We are putting a real tree uo so will get that next week. Can't wait!!Have a wonderful day

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A work in Progress!!

Working on mantle!!

As the Christmas season approaches I decided to go ahead and start decorating and also do some PURGING while I am at it!!!I have way too much Christmas and wanted to downsize a little and not be so stressed about it every year. So I have taken things out one by one and am selling and decorating along the way!!You should see the mess I have made!!LOL So I just wanted to share what I have done thus far!!Doesn't look like much but it will get there.
Prim Blesings,

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy November!!!

I am taking the Halloween down today. Not sure when I will decorate for Christmas as I would like to recover from all this First!!!LOL I think November gets left out completely! I don't have Thanksgiving at our home so I go straight into Christmas! I would like a more prim approach to Christmas this year so we will see!! I would like to clean the house really good first. Then start one room at a time. I never do that and get overwhelmed. I tend to get carried away!!HA HA . Have a wonderful November 1st!!!I am off to put on a pot of pinto beans for supper!!!.