Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy November!!!

I am taking the Halloween down today. Not sure when I will decorate for Christmas as I would like to recover from all this First!!!LOL I think November gets left out completely! I don't have Thanksgiving at our home so I go straight into Christmas! I would like a more prim approach to Christmas this year so we will see!! I would like to clean the house really good first. Then start one room at a time. I never do that and get overwhelmed. I tend to get carried away!!HA HA . Have a wonderful November 1st!!!I am off to put on a pot of pinto beans for supper!!!.



  1. I tend to decorate for seasons and not holidays, so I am good until after Thanksgiving. The older I get, the less anxious I am to get out and put away! :)
    Your blues are lovely, as is your home.

  2. Love your prims Candi! Did you make the jars in the 2nd and 3rd pictures that have a prim label and muslin top? Love that red cabinet and berry wreath that's hanging on it!