Sunday, October 14, 2012

Autumn thyme

I always used to say. I come alive in the fall! I just love this time of the year.The beautiful colors of fall and leaves falling from the trees. It truly is a beautiful season. I have not been out a whole lot due to the fact I have been very sick lately and not felt up to doing too much!

However, I still enjoy it when I do feel well. I really have turned into quote the homebody since moving last year. I love puttering around here. Spending time with my cats and my prims. LOL /It's a happy space. I light candles to soften the lighting and my ever growing abundance of tin lighting also helps/

Today, we celebrated our 4 yr old grandson Joseph's birthday! It was a fun day and we adore our grandchildren!!I am slowly making mental notes of decorating for Christmas!!I know, I am jumping ahead but am I really??

I lay awake nights decorating. Drives me nuts. I am hoping to do some fallish things though before it is all over with. It depends on my health. I am having a bone marrow biopsy next week, so please Say a prayer. I really don't want to elaborate or jump ahead just pray, That is all I ask

So, as always I shall share a few pictures before closing.Hugs and love,


Sunday, October 7, 2012

A different life this year

Hello Dear friends,

I apologize for neglecting my blog and hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this fabulous fall weather!

For someone that has retired I am forever in a day busy. I like being a productive person as it makes me feel as though I have accomplished something!

I can hardly believe we have been in the condo almost a year now! In the house it took me 2 weeks to weed thru my fall things and decorate but now that we are here I was done in 2 hrs. I have not put hardly any Halloweenish stuff out but due to the boys will be adding some lighted pumpkins to the mix.I sold the biggest majority of it and feels so good.My daughter took quite a bit also.

I have an overall urge to take control of my life and have an essence of who I am. Not controlled by THINGS!!

Now don't get me wrong I have my things I love. My samplers, pewter, bowls, coverlets, crocks and tinware.But in the past I have allowed my things to control my life. Prim lovers know how easy this is to do.

Defining oneself with things is an all controlling venue that makes you irrational and selfish. Start letting things go one at a time if you want less and you might just be surprised.

I feel more power. Don't pay attention to the crazy red head because I still love my Prims. I own them. They no longer own me. Does this make sense to anyone out there???

I will share a few photo's before I leave/

Prim Blessings.