Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My crazy life

My baby Henry!!

he loves when I bake !!

Joseph being silly!!

My sweet Gussy

I get so busy at times I wonder what I did when I worked? How did I ever get it all done? How do I now? I don't.LOL. It used to drive this Southern gal crazy. Now, not so much. I have slowed way down contrary to the fact that I am always doing something. I refuse to give in and let life slip away. REFUSE!I will attend the morning dawning of a new sunrise. I will sing among the flowers and talk to the birds. I will make a new friend in a saddened face and I will tackle life's crazy ways one day at a time. I have Lupus yes. I have Fibro Yes. My Dr's are amazed at my ambitions and my gusto for life being so sick/ Today I saw a new Dr. The wait was long. Magazines boring.The lighter I make the mood the lesser they will think I am sick. Until I have lab test. A complete CBC, hemaglobin and Viatmin D levels. Not to mebtion sedementation rate. I don't even flinch when blood is drawn. My arms are immune to it now. My mind is thinking what I could be doing instead of how can I be so sick??I await the good news that all is well but it never is completely. I am not worried. Iput my Faith in God. Whatever it is or will be I can handle. I have no choice. So I dredge on happily to get my chart to leave and have lunch with my husband. I smile at the swet little lady that has had a stroke and can not write her own name. See. God bless her.Live a day a time. Don't borrow trouble. Leave it at the library high on a shelf. I have tommorrow planned out. I can't wait. And did I tell you about my new friends? I have several dragonflys that soon as I walk out are all around me and I adore these gorgeous creatures. I am amazed.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Baked beans/ Large can of Pork and Beans / can of red kidney beans. 1/2 cup mustard, 1/2 cup ketchup/ground /1 small onion. Bake 30 mins 350 Delish

The boys!!last year

these are all last years decorating pics

Happy memorial day all!! We are enjoying the beautiful day. I have patted out burgers to grill. Sliced fresh tomatoes and onions. Made a batch of brownies and sliced strawberries/There is a pan of homemade baked beans in the oven. Nick and I are watching SpongeBob the movie and Lloyd is napping till family arrives. Smells amazing as the laundry is being feshly dried. I love the smells. I have mopped the floors and scrubbed the baths. We have been busy mostly me, LOL, but we also celebrate the knowledge of the importance of being an American. Of the soldiers who have gone before us and made it possible for us to have days like this. so thank you!! For serving our country. For protecting us. For giving us Freedom. To be able to go into our yards and grill burgers or have family get togethers. We are fortunate to live in a free country. So pray for our soldiers, hug their necks and Pray for our President as he needs prayer and the leaders of our Country. Back to my celebrating. Hooray for the USA!!!!!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Estate sale finds

Look how huge thus crock is!! $20

I love Thursday's ,for it is the day of the beginning of the Estate sales. The night before I strategize my plans. Having directions,locations of items etc written down so that I can get in there. Today's sales were a zoo~~ Literally! One was on Music Rowe downtown Nashville/ sitting amidst all the music industries and Country Music Hall of Fame was once a grand Ole house sitting right in the middle of 17th and Music Row,were 2 lines when I got there. I really did not feel that great. It was early.6:30 AM. I had not had breakfast nor my meds but managed to stop for a coffee. Sipping and driving 85 MPH in downtown Nashville traffic. How in the world did I do that every single day and keep my sanity??LOL. So once the doors opened I had m mental notes inside my head. I stopped for nothing but went straight for the goods. Maniacs. ! literally dove underneath a man's basket to grab my bucket before World War III started. Whew, got those. and more. Red check tablecloth, next stop, there was the dough bowl I mentally had written in my head. over and over I managed to find my goodes. Buckets, dough bowl, crocks. brushes, Damn the BUTT basket!! That was the main thing I wanted. Gone!! No where to be seen. Anyway, I took half the goods to the car and came back for scores more. Hungry, tired and sweaty I head to check the final goods and low and behold there was my basket!! SOLD!!! DAMN IT!! I was ticked. BUT at least I could compromise,got thebucket. Ok, next stop East Nashville. Where the homes are statley and hundreds of years old. Beautiful old house. I could see Lloyd and I sipping tea on the porch swing at mid evening. Nothing there I liked as It was all fancy. Not me. So Head for aquickbreakfast of bacon, eggs and toast @ Steak and Shake. medications. Better/ So, from there I head to Hendersonville. Modern home. Lots of stuff. Found some wonderful crocks and an old Bucket!!AAAAAHHH The Angels were singing!! I am done. Tired, hurting all over. I hit the interstate and head home. I am cleaning them after I rest. The crocks and Buckets I am keeping. The other stuff will be sold on The Olde blue Bucket. Here is a sneak peek!!Prim Hugs,


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy mother's Day!!


Love this picture. Me, my parents and brother's. My sister wasn't born yet. The year 1964,the car yellow GTO.

My Grandmother holding Me as a baby!

Mom as a young girl!

My lovely Mom in the 80's

In honor of Mother's day I wanted to share a few photo's&MOM's favorite cake. Mandarin orange cake. It is a light cake for summer fare. Hope you enjoy it.


MOM's Mandarin Orange cake

1box yellow cake mix

4 eggs

1/2 cup oil

1 small can mandarin oranges Do not drain


1 9 oz box cool whip

1 box instant vanilla pudding

1 small can crushed pineapple

mix 1st 4 ingredients

bake in 9x13 pan

325 for 25 mins



Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Being a NANA

chocolate chip cookies!!

Henry has to be right in the middle

Mr. Cool!!


popcorn and movies!

I will have to say the greatest thing that has ever happened to me in my life is being a Nana!!I receive countless blessings and joys from those babies. I melt when I look in their little faces. I would and have given them my last dime. Well, you knowwhat I mean. I get all the thrills and joy of acting and being young again. I am not judged because I am flying high on that swing. Or sliding down a slide laughing all the way. I can eat happy meals and not be looked at like I am crazy!! The boys love it when I act silly and I never stopped watching cartoons. There. My secret is out. I love Spongebob squarpants and my favorite episode is the the one where they go to the amusement park. Glove world FIERY FIST O PAIN!! LOL It is fun I will say. You find yourself looking for childrens books and clothes when you go shopping.It is sheer joy when the babies cuddle up with you in their little pj's. Of course there are times they drive you mad! like when they break your favorite Primitives or knock things off the wall. But the great thing of being a Nana is you get to send them home after you spoil them!!LOl When all is said and done being Nana is the greatest joy of my life!!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A prim thing!!

THE girls!!

I love this early blue High chair!!

I love this prim table

Fresh corn!!

What is your favorite room to decorate? I tend to lean towards my living area and dining room.AKA the DIAMOND room from my Grandson's!!I change and move and clean. I have even completely redone a room only to redo it again!!LOL! It makes me mad when that happens. And again sometimes I look at this stuff and want to sell it all and sometimes I do!!Well not all of it!! Decorating circumstances. My friend asked me WHY do you always change things? MMM good question? It is a PRIM thing!!!