Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Being a NANA

chocolate chip cookies!!

Henry has to be right in the middle

Mr. Cool!!


popcorn and movies!

I will have to say the greatest thing that has ever happened to me in my life is being a Nana!!I receive countless blessings and joys from those babies. I melt when I look in their little faces. I would and have given them my last dime. Well, you knowwhat I mean. I get all the thrills and joy of acting and being young again. I am not judged because I am flying high on that swing. Or sliding down a slide laughing all the way. I can eat happy meals and not be looked at like I am crazy!! The boys love it when I act silly and I never stopped watching cartoons. There. My secret is out. I love Spongebob squarpants and my favorite episode is the the one where they go to the amusement park. Glove world FIERY FIST O PAIN!! LOL It is fun I will say. You find yourself looking for childrens books and clothes when you go shopping.It is sheer joy when the babies cuddle up with you in their little pj's. Of course there are times they drive you mad! like when they break your favorite Primitives or knock things off the wall. But the great thing of being a Nana is you get to send them home after you spoil them!!LOl When all is said and done being Nana is the greatest joy of my life!!


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