Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My crazy life

My baby Henry!!

he loves when I bake !!

Joseph being silly!!

My sweet Gussy

I get so busy at times I wonder what I did when I worked? How did I ever get it all done? How do I now? I don't.LOL. It used to drive this Southern gal crazy. Now, not so much. I have slowed way down contrary to the fact that I am always doing something. I refuse to give in and let life slip away. REFUSE!I will attend the morning dawning of a new sunrise. I will sing among the flowers and talk to the birds. I will make a new friend in a saddened face and I will tackle life's crazy ways one day at a time. I have Lupus yes. I have Fibro Yes. My Dr's are amazed at my ambitions and my gusto for life being so sick/ Today I saw a new Dr. The wait was long. Magazines boring.The lighter I make the mood the lesser they will think I am sick. Until I have lab test. A complete CBC, hemaglobin and Viatmin D levels. Not to mebtion sedementation rate. I don't even flinch when blood is drawn. My arms are immune to it now. My mind is thinking what I could be doing instead of how can I be so sick??I await the good news that all is well but it never is completely. I am not worried. Iput my Faith in God. Whatever it is or will be I can handle. I have no choice. So I dredge on happily to get my chart to leave and have lunch with my husband. I smile at the swet little lady that has had a stroke and can not write her own name. See. God bless her.Live a day a time. Don't borrow trouble. Leave it at the library high on a shelf. I have tommorrow planned out. I can't wait. And did I tell you about my new friends? I have several dragonflys that soon as I walk out are all around me and I adore these gorgeous creatures. I am amazed.


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