Thursday, May 26, 2011

Estate sale finds

Look how huge thus crock is!! $20

I love Thursday's ,for it is the day of the beginning of the Estate sales. The night before I strategize my plans. Having directions,locations of items etc written down so that I can get in there. Today's sales were a zoo~~ Literally! One was on Music Rowe downtown Nashville/ sitting amidst all the music industries and Country Music Hall of Fame was once a grand Ole house sitting right in the middle of 17th and Music Row,were 2 lines when I got there. I really did not feel that great. It was early.6:30 AM. I had not had breakfast nor my meds but managed to stop for a coffee. Sipping and driving 85 MPH in downtown Nashville traffic. How in the world did I do that every single day and keep my sanity??LOL. So once the doors opened I had m mental notes inside my head. I stopped for nothing but went straight for the goods. Maniacs. ! literally dove underneath a man's basket to grab my bucket before World War III started. Whew, got those. and more. Red check tablecloth, next stop, there was the dough bowl I mentally had written in my head. over and over I managed to find my goodes. Buckets, dough bowl, crocks. brushes, Damn the BUTT basket!! That was the main thing I wanted. Gone!! No where to be seen. Anyway, I took half the goods to the car and came back for scores more. Hungry, tired and sweaty I head to check the final goods and low and behold there was my basket!! SOLD!!! DAMN IT!! I was ticked. BUT at least I could compromise,got thebucket. Ok, next stop East Nashville. Where the homes are statley and hundreds of years old. Beautiful old house. I could see Lloyd and I sipping tea on the porch swing at mid evening. Nothing there I liked as It was all fancy. Not me. So Head for aquickbreakfast of bacon, eggs and toast @ Steak and Shake. medications. Better/ So, from there I head to Hendersonville. Modern home. Lots of stuff. Found some wonderful crocks and an old Bucket!!AAAAAHHH The Angels were singing!! I am done. Tired, hurting all over. I hit the interstate and head home. I am cleaning them after I rest. The crocks and Buckets I am keeping. The other stuff will be sold on The Olde blue Bucket. Here is a sneak peek!!Prim Hugs,


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