Thursday, September 29, 2011


I am amazed at human behaviour. I will never understand people and the HATE that lives in their hearts. We all have so much to be thankful for. The mere fact you woke up and could walk is a miracle. I am disgusted by human behaviour. For those that UNFRIENDED me this week, you did  me a HUGE favor. I Don't want friends like that/ I spent several hours with my sick brother this week. Live like him for a day. I guarantee you it would change your outlook on life. He is 54 yrs old. Lays in bed all day. Dizzy all the time. He can not feel on his left side as he is paralyzed from a recent stroke. He has a fever all the time. He cannot walk without a walker/ We talked. About life/ Our childhood memories. Our parenst and grandparents. He said  to me. I will not be here long, I think my life is coming to an end. He said it is ok because I know and accepted Jesus. We talked about death and life. We cried and laughed. He can not keep any food on his stomach. He has HBP extremely and is very thin and frail. It is hard to see my brother like this. He says "I have no quality of life" said he was ready to go if he could not get any better. I still believe in miracles. People not so much. Being sick myself I don't really care what people think because I look at life in a differnt way. I love animals. ALL animals. Creatures. Created by God !I love trees and grass and flowers. I enjoy my primitives but they are not the main source of my life/ My family/ close friends and animals are/God put us all here for  a purpose. I am a helper/ I always have been and God gave me this. I wish that people could live one day like Ricky. I GUARANTEE you would be on your knees.
Oscar and Gussy!!
Henry as a baby!! and ducks @ McClards'

Baby Joseph!!


my turkey TOM

My grands!!

My Henry

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mammy' s sale and McClard's antiques

crocks from McClard's
at mammy's!!
There are some wonderful places in Ky to visist if you ever get up to the Bowling Green area/ McClard's Antiques in Scottsville is a fabulous place. Gayle McClard is the proprieter and has not only antiques but new items as well. Never know what you will find there. Also, once a month Kathy Jones AKA mammy. has a sale in her 1800's cabin. Oh what  afab place to visit. There is always a mama cat and her kitties/ Mammy jokingly said that was the only reason I went there. LOL!! Being the Cat lover I am. So, if you ever get a chance to go there ,be prepared to stay awhile. I was fascinated with the farm animals and the country being that I am a city gal!!Lot's of homemade goodies and  great prices. So head to Ky. when you get  a chance!!Lot's of hugs,     Primgirl 7

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Grandparents Day!!

I remember my Granparents and miss them so much. Oscar and Edith. They were so sweet.Grandaddy was a big tall man and Grandmother was tiny. They had a sweet little yellow house with a fence and roses and azalia's and hydranga's everwhere. Man, i loved going there. It was my home away from home and I would lot's of times head to Chattanooga for the weekends to spend with them. Grandaddy always had a garden. he was so proud of it, He grew tomatoes. green peppers, cucumbers, and green onions. I loved spending time learning about gardening and flowers. grandmother was an awesome cook. She always had a square tupper ware bowl filled with chocolate and vanilla fudge cookies and coconut cookies. always had a lemon pound cake and a pot of freshly brewed coffee. My Granddady drank his from a saucer. Using both cup and saucer.I remember watching TV at night with them and Grandaddy always had to have a cup of black walnut ice cream by Mayfields, which My family owned the dairy business. What great memories. I always slept so good there and Grandmother's quilt now resides in my house. my grandmother was a hoot. She had skin soft as a baby and smelled like jergens lotion. Grandaddy was gruff amd always smelled likesnuff as he was a dipper and chawed tobacca/Howthey would say it. cracker barrel has nothing on her biscuits and her cakes/ I was lucky. Now, Lloyd and I are a huge part of the boys lives but we are more modern. LOL/ I don't bake biscuits from scratch or cookies but it thrills the boys when I bake Nestle's Toll House already sliced cookies!!If they had them back then Grandmother would surely have used them/I am having the time of my life being a Nana!!So all you Grandparents out there, Happy Grandparent's day!!!


Tash and nicK rode the Mighty Mouse!!

Lloyd was not feeling well so Tasha and I took the boys to the State Fair!!Had a blast!

Boppa and Joseph!!

Nicholas Frank!!

Tis so sweet to be a Grandparent. You get to relive pieces of your own childhood.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Nothing says fall like a basket of apples~~

It has been crazy lately. I have had barely time to do my fall decorating. I am doing less this year as my taste are changing. I added a few pics that you may have already seen. Hope you enjoy and hope life is treating you well!!Prim hugs