Thursday, September 29, 2011


I am amazed at human behaviour. I will never understand people and the HATE that lives in their hearts. We all have so much to be thankful for. The mere fact you woke up and could walk is a miracle. I am disgusted by human behaviour. For those that UNFRIENDED me this week, you did  me a HUGE favor. I Don't want friends like that/ I spent several hours with my sick brother this week. Live like him for a day. I guarantee you it would change your outlook on life. He is 54 yrs old. Lays in bed all day. Dizzy all the time. He can not feel on his left side as he is paralyzed from a recent stroke. He has a fever all the time. He cannot walk without a walker/ We talked. About life/ Our childhood memories. Our parenst and grandparents. He said  to me. I will not be here long, I think my life is coming to an end. He said it is ok because I know and accepted Jesus. We talked about death and life. We cried and laughed. He can not keep any food on his stomach. He has HBP extremely and is very thin and frail. It is hard to see my brother like this. He says "I have no quality of life" said he was ready to go if he could not get any better. I still believe in miracles. People not so much. Being sick myself I don't really care what people think because I look at life in a differnt way. I love animals. ALL animals. Creatures. Created by God !I love trees and grass and flowers. I enjoy my primitives but they are not the main source of my life/ My family/ close friends and animals are/God put us all here for  a purpose. I am a helper/ I always have been and God gave me this. I wish that people could live one day like Ricky. I GUARANTEE you would be on your knees.
Oscar and Gussy!!
Henry as a baby!! and ducks @ McClards'

Baby Joseph!!


my turkey TOM

My grands!!

My Henry


  1. Hugs to you and your brother my online friend.

  2. Beautiful pics thanks for sharing ! prayers for you and your family ! have a beautiful day ! hugs lilraggedyangie