Saturday, October 15, 2011

My life test

Nick Nick!!
Baby Joseph!!Funny hat!!!
My sweet nephews!!
My handsome brother Russ!!
precious animals
My Precious Uncle Bobby!!!
Boy has it been crazy lately!First with Lloyd being hospitilized. Then our bankruptcy and then the final straw was being evicted from our home!That is right! I kept thinking why is this happening?? Then yesterday as I was driving I was listening to a black preacher(love them) and he said something  that spoke to my heart directly. He said Sometimes things happen to people, during these times we may lose things, it will be hard and it is God's way of cleansing us!I had an epihany!!God wants my attention. He is using me and lloyd. He wants his children ready. He is coming soon and he wants me cleansed. I feel such a relief of cleansing my soul/I have known this in my heart but when God wants your attention he gets it. So through these trials and tribulations I am growing. My spirit is free. I am feeling the closeness of the Holy Spirit as I walk this scary pathway. And he tells me Be not afraid. I am not miserable. I am happy. I am excited at the prospect of a new home or barn or whatever and I smile all day long. LLoyd is working and I will be selling and Life is good. I have my family and awesome friends and I am so blessed. Beyond measure. If this has blessed you in some small way then I am doing what God wants. Love and many many hugs. Blessings. Candilou


  1. Oh Candi,I'm so sorry to hear about all of the things you've been going through, and especially losing your home. But you will have a new place & it will be HOME because you will fill it full of love & many new memories !! LOVE & HUGS TO YOU SWEETIE ♥

  2. Candi, I am so sorry for all the problems you are having. You are such a good person.Good things happen to good people.You will come out stronger and better. I just know it!!!I will help as soon as I am able to. You will make a beautiful home no matter where it is. Thank you for sharing this with us. It takes alot to ask for help but there is nothing wrong with asking. We are your friends !!!!!!!!! HUGS DEB