Monday, October 24, 2011

Moving and packing

love changing this table
Henry as a baby!!

me and babies last year
For the last 2 weeks we have been preparing to move/ It is both exciting and bittersweet/Everything is in disaray!I have sold stuff. goven stuff away and sent 3 carloads to Goodwill. I never realized how mych junk we ecrue over the years. My biggest regret is leaving all my wild animals and  I love this neighborhood. I believe GOD has a better plan for us though. That part is exciting/ I thought the place I found last week was great. He turned out to be a nutcase. My friend Vicki and I had went over and nothing had been done. He promised the world and I found out he is a slumlord. He talked awful to me because he thought we didn;t like the bookcase which we didn'y!LOL. I will never understand that Jekyl/ hyde personality. At any rate where we will be living is up in the air/ My daughter and son in law, sister and nephews came over and we got a ton done on Sat. I baked Halloween cookies for everyone and it was fun reminiscing. I told my daughter Aren't you glad I am doing this now and when I die you and Dad will have it easier!!!LOLMy sence of humor is wane sometimes!!LOL/ A home is where you go to rest and relax. Honestly I have worked myself to death here. It is way too big a house for Lloyd and me and I am truely downsizing. I am still going to have too much but I need to do this. God's plan is what we are following and so I will not say anything yet. Stay tuned. Love, Primgirl7

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