Wednesday, October 26, 2011


my little man Nick!!
baby Joseph!!
view of back yard
The boys
My bonnets
sold all this

my babies
Vicki Davis got this
my turkeys
wanda Garland bought this
kept these
sold both mustard cabinet, red chest and red pie safe
So, thought I would post as this is my last night at 1748/ It is bittersweet. I am excited about moving and a newjourney but on the other hand I am worried about my critters, Meaning my fat racoon Whitey that I feed and her crew every night/ and Blackjack the black cat I have always fed and loved on. I pulled in from Target a minute ago and the poor dear was sitting there. Brought tears to my eyes. I get so attached to wild animals. Any animals.But we must move on. God will care for his creatures.As I sit here and take a small break I imagine the last Christmas and all the fun times in this house.But everything happens for a reason. when lloyd hurt his leg and was off 8 weeks, no money except a small disability check and then to lose his job.After 25 yrs. I sold as much as I could to pay bills and keep our head above water but then the house note was so expensive we knewit was coming. But instead of  grieving and wringing our hands we found Lloyd a better job. It was suited better for him and he's home more. It was a blessing!!Then it takes weeks to get a chek and on and on. After that man called last week I thought it was a Godsend. Then he turns out to be a nut case. I can not explain every little detail . God is GREAT!! He heard our prayers and when we turned it over to him we were overflowing with blessings/ We have the money to move thanks to my precious brother in law and also his precious wife!!I have sold tons and Lloyd is working again. My SUV is finally being repaired.Lloyd  is attending church nowwith me. I could go on and on but I will say leave your troubles in the Master's hands/ He always provided for us!!I am so thankful and enjoyed living here but even more thankful to get to our newplace. So goodbye 1748!!!Primgirl!!


  1. God indeed is in the midst of all! Best wishes to you and Lloyd and your new beginnings!

  2. Candi,
    My positive thoughts and prayers go with you in this new journey.
    May God bless you Always.
    Hugs to you my prim pal,

  3. Good things happen to good people my friend...the Lord will provide, but you have to hold out your hand first.

  4. A prayer lifted for you & your husband. Reading your post tonight my heart goes out to you. The bitter sweetness sadens me. I find that you have strenght & faith as you put all in the Masters hands. We will agree & trust our Master will replentish you with all your needs. For me your words are a testamony of not letting go of the Master even in the hurtful seasons of ones life. Blessings!

  5. What a beautiful post Candi. Remember its not the 'stuff' its whats inside of you and Lloyd
    and the love for one another that makes your home. I wish you both well on your new journey and anxiously await your next post.

  6. Well honey, just keep that faith! Jesus never fails! There will be new memories, and you will be fine, I am sure it's hard in many respects, but we are creatures that can adapt. I wish you only the best and hope to hear from you again once you are settled.
    God bless,