Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Warmer weather

It is amazingly warm here in Tennessee! There is an effervescent glow in the sky and the breezes are most welcoming here.  I do love this time of year but do not like the hot weather.

I am so ready to go exploring the countryside but my back problems have somewhat hindered me. I love my antique stores and my favorite ones are in Kentucky.

McClard's Antiques is an amazing fun place to visit. There are so many unique antiques and primitives to find there. Gail McClard is such a sweet dear friend of mine. I love to go there and usually stop and take us  a lunch and we chat and talk about decorating. I have found lots of treasures there.

Another Favorite place is Rock Garden Farms. I love this place and Darlene is so sweet~!She has tons of Primitives, Antiques and great old Antiques! You truly never know what you will find there.
If you get a chance go~~
McClard's Antiques~~

I also love old Barns~!!
So I am planning soon to visit these places and many other favorite haunts!!
I have to first get my back problems squared away as it is quite painful to do very much right now. I do hope you will stop by these places if you get a chance/You will not be disappointed!!

With Much love, Candilou


  1. Candi, just wanted to thank you for keeping a current blog. I love 'visiting' other blogs and being blessed with seeing that person's interests, decorating, etc. (BTW.have added you to my blog list)
    I wish so much that I could get motivated to share more on my blog, but with the shows we do,LIFE that happens with or without us, and getting older, I find it difficult to be creative with my blog...Still will work on it and visiting blogs like yours helps. Thank you. Blessings from the Blue Ridge Mountains of N.C.

    1. I thank you so kindly for that Barbara.I love to write I do and I agree finding time to blog is a rare treat.I also love visiting other blogs and appreciate you so much!!You made my day!!, Blessings,