Monday, May 20, 2013

I trust that everyone is doing well and enjoying the much nicer weather. I promise to get out and about soon and start to enlighten you with new photo's/ So, in the mean time I have revived myself (:) and will bring a few pictures that I already have.
This is a pie safe I am  desperately trying to talk myself out of!! :)SMILE
This crock bench and all the crocks are for
sale $500
Also for sale/Queen ANGST blue coverlet/
Also this awesome 5 arm tin light/$400
I am always selling things so if you are on facebook I have a group called  OLDE MUSTARD BUCKET and we have lots of goodes there. I also have a MAKE AN OFFER group!!
   Come check us out!!!
 I have to scoot and get busy. I am in the midst
of changing my place around. I also have torn a closet apart to spring clean and have that  to tend with/
I have already made 3 trips to goodwill. I did want to show you my find over the weekend. This 
amazing old butter dish. There is a place in the back for a spoon,  exclaimed the Antique dealer/
Also you open it up and it has a little place for ice
underneath where the butter goes. I thought that was the coolest thing!!
Who knows, I may use it. I just thought it was so pretty. I always wonder when I get such treasures who used this. How long they kept it. I am amazed at the oldest of things!!Lloyd also got me a darling set of pewter salt and pepper shakers.  would imagine the last people to use that would have been maybe the 1920's/ Of course there is no way to know for sure.
I hope you find some great treasures.
If interested in any of my goodes just leave a message. You can also find me on Pinterest.
Many Blessings,

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