Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mammy's place

Loving the Cows!!
repeat after me(Thou shalt not Covet) LOL
McClards antiques!!
I like taking pics of old dilapidated houses!!The History there!!
Look how dark the sky's were!!
Good friends Vicki and Jan!!

Cabin goodes!!

Skys were dark and stormy!!

A really fun place to go if you ever get to Scottsville Ky is called mammy's. It is a little cabin located on the property of our friend kathy Jones AKA Mammy. She and Kay Kelly Smith have a showing once a month with the fabulous prims they make. So wonderful!! It is definetly worth the trip!! You go over the river and through the woods to get there but the scenery is very pretty and lots of cows. I found some great things and had fun as well. Ran into my friend Jan and Vicki and we went to McClard's Antiques , where Gayle McClard one of my close friends was having open house. She had goodies everywhere and all kinds of cookies, brownies and punch. After that the three of us went to lunch in Bowling Green ky and on to another fave store Rock Garden Farms. Wonderful Prims and Darlene is the sweetest little thing!!It was a fun day and I drove back to Nashville and my grandson came over. Watched movies and ordered Pizza. A favorite weekend !! Hope you enjoy the pictures!!Blessings


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  1. Sounds like a wonderful place to visit! I enjoyed the photos you shared! So glad to ahve blog hopped here for the visit!