Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cleaning out my closet sale SOON/to a picturetrail near you

Biscuit house!!

all these sold!!

sold every single box on here!!I kept the small seeds

Day two of my cold/ It is not too bad as I mostly have the cough, sneeze and lovely fever.AAH yes they go hand in hand!!I did manage to pick up a new humidifyer with the Vicks to go along with. Poor Lloyd still has it also!!We did feel better this morning and went to our fave Biscuit House for breakfast!!If you ever come to Nashville you really need to go there/ The food is amazing!It's a dive lose to downtown. The waitress's are country music stars in training and dress like circa 1983!!Cracks me up!!The biscuits are delish and the home fries are a must have. Anyway, we just had a relaxing day even though we both feel sickly!!I am going to make a cup of chamomille tea and go to bed soon.Rest is what this gal needs.I will be having a cleaning out my closet sale soon!!It will be on picturtrail!If you want an invite please send me your e mail!!Off to make my tea!!God bless,Candi


  1. Love this ♥ I hope you guys are feeling much better today.
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  2. Oh those biscuits look Yummmmy! Invite me Better sweetie!~Amy

  3. Breakfast fit for a King or a Queen. Looks like a good Sunday breakfast. Thats the only day I fix a big breakfast for my sweetie as he doesn't like a big breakfast on days that he works. Says it just slows him down but he will woof down a good ol MacKay Mcmuffin with bacon and egg and cheese. he says thats not a big breakfast but I still need to make the biscuits, cook the bacon, and egg. Thats a big breakfast to me. heheh. Gotta love em.

  4. hope you both feel better, that breakfast sure does look good, and i will be glues ti===o the picture trial so yell ne when, i will be having my first wed night sale on my group wholesale for less, you don't have to see whole ssle you can see just one, think i MIGHT CHANGE GROUP NAME SO ITS NOT SO CONFUSING2 HUGS2 FOR BOTH FOR YOU!

  5. Invite me !
    thanks michelle