Friday, January 13, 2012

Feeling sick!!!

's that time of year!Cough cough sneeze sneeze!!The ground is covered with snow and I thought despite the fact I feel so awful I would do some rearranging and laundry.Now my head is pounding, things are turned upside down and laundry is buzzing.I was in the process of stripping sheets off the bed and felt light headed/ Sat down and ate some yogurt and sipping water. I feel a tad better. I really wanted to make taco soup and have not ruled it out completely.:( When Mom was alive and I was sick her cure all was home made potato soup and usually a toasted cheese sandwich to go with.I would like to share her recipe:

3 large potato's Yukon gold is best
half stick butter

3 cups milk

3 cups water

cook potato's till tender but not falling apart

add butter and milk

in a bowl add 2 tablespoons flour and small amount of water to make a paste.This thickens the soup/ add and simmer/ shredded cheese is also good on top/ When your sick there is nothing like it!!

I really do not feel up to it at the moment. Sure wish Mom was here to make me her soup.

I will go back to redecorating when I feel better. Have a blessed day and stay warm!!

Hugs, Candi


  1. Hope you feel better quickly Candi!!:0) Can't wait to see your rearranging!! Take care!

  2. Get well soon Candi! Looking forward to pictures of your redecoration (is that a word?) job.