Friday, March 16, 2012

Good Morning!!

Hey everyone! Hope you will have a wonderful weekend!I plan to go to the Gathering but am waiting till after lunch to avoid certain people as of late and plus my nerves have my stomach a mess.  I have been putting off a much needed Endoscopy and need to plan that. Oh how I hate those things.  Being sick all the time just sucks!I never really feel good. Ever. I am 90% of the time nauseated. My pain is not too bad but it comes and go. I know I don't look sick but that is how Lupus is. Very frustrating. My bones are brittle and I bruise if someone touches me too hard or if I brush against something. It is awful! I don't complian too much and if I do I feel I have earned the right too. On another note. I am so happy that the birds are out and singing! That makes me very very happy and my cats love it!!I have decided after moving to this condo thatmy Holiday decorating will be minimal. I have a nice space but my taste are ever changing and I am enjoying the less is more thing. I used to be into grungy primitives but no more. My husband is thrilled he hated it!! ha/He loves the colonial look and so do I. So here are a few spring pics. Again very simple. I am going to be selling over half my Halloween dolls and pumpkins so if you are interested shoot me a message. I am headed to the Gathering show!!Say a prayer!!LOL
Prim hugs,


  1. Your less is more looks wonderful. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Betty your so sweet thank you darlin!!!<3