Friday, March 23, 2012

Estate sale finds

Early pewter

I am getting a lot of pewter!!!May have to sell some~~

Love this one~~

I have been contemplating names for my blog but really nothing thrills me, quite honestly!So stay tuned!!Who knows with me.I may keep it afterall!!LOL~~~

I have put a few more spring things out!I just love these little pillow tucks from Deb Peterson!!I can't resist stitchery's!!I had put some Easter grass out and my cat Henry thought it was something for him to play with!!haha!!It is messy anyway.Went to a great estae sale and look at this pewter I found!Unreal!!The large plates on the cupboard on the top shelf and middle are finds!!The 1800's was a great find as well. I really love the thrill of getting up early and hitting these sales!! Finding treasures like these make it truely worthwhile!!Prim Hugs.



  1. Don't you just love pewter! I have very few pieces.

  2. Awesome finds at the estate sale.
    And loving your spring touches.

  3. Oh Candi, you can never have too much pewter! I like your Easter finds too. You really had a successful day!