Sunday, March 6, 2011


Ok, so for all those that know me I have many obsessions. HEE HEE. !My first being PRIMS of course. AND you know I must have my venti iced coffee from Starbucks every day!!I would have to say my favorite PRIM collectable are my dough bowls. I have decided to take this blue obsession into my own hands and take off with it.Here are a few pictures so far. I am working today and will provide more pics as I change them. Hope your Sunday is PRIM PERFECT!!!


  1. Love your blues.Wood dough bowls and trenchers are my favorite too.Have a wonderful sunday!~Amy

  2. I'm with you. Blue is the new black! I am loving all the fabric choices. I want to put it everywhere.
    I love so many things. I can't bear to give up any of my collections but my new passion is salt-glaze pottery pieces. Oh, I'll still pick up pieces for my present collections but I'm on the lookout for specific pottery!
    I think we are just a small part of a large group of obsessed people!

  3. Cant go wrong with the blues ever! Fantastic collections . Have a great week
    lil raggedy angie