Thursday, March 31, 2011

My 56th Birthday!!

Springfied Antique Mall
lloyd brought me ballons and cards from him and Oscar, Gus and Henry
My birthday gift!!!
Seems strange to me to say that I am 56 now!!lol. I am so thankful to all my friends and family that sent well wishes and gifts etc to me. Makes me feel loved. My hubby had to work so I left this morning for a day of antiquing. My favorite thing to do. I stopped at several places and found a great old crock. A few other items I will be listing for sale later. I ended my busy day and Starbucks for my favorite iced coffee and a Birthday pop. A delicious confection of cake on a popsickle stick. What a world!!I love it. Since my sweet man is working I ordered a salad at Chili's for dinner. Santa Fe' Salad and they gave me a free desert, (brownie with icecream and hot chocolate sauce which I shall have later watching TV in my fave Pj's. And I will watch one of my fave movies. Either Sex and the city, or Goodbye girl. Maybe something else. It was a great Birthday and pain free!!I feel so blessed and Lloyd got me the beautiful sampler. I also got newflatware today that I picked out at Belk!!I spent my birthday thankful and enjoyed every minute of it!!Love you all!



  1. Happy Birthday, Candi! You are now my age, until July. Love the sampler!

  2. Happy Birthday Candi Lou! I am glad you had a great day!