Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our country day!

kettle cake

found this 60 yr old rocker for $15

yesterday's finds

Being the country lover that I am yesterday was a fun day as Lloyd and I rode thru the countryside. We saw so many old barns and one particular old cabin that everytime I pass it I imagine the people that lived there and what their days were like. I imagine a Zebediah and Rachel living there. She would have a keetle of beans cooking and making kettle cakes while Zeb tended the fields. And Johnny and Ruth were playing in the tree outback. I never lose my imagination. I always do this it is who I am. LOL!! We stopped at some junke stores and here are my neat finds. A 60 yr old rocker in excellent shape for $15. Plus got the enamel cup and masher ! We had a really nice day and stopped at our favorite Cinco De Mayo and had lunch.It is fun to look back and magine the life they had but it was not always an easy life.I would much rather have a car, computer, tv and grocery store verses sewing all day, killing or growing your food and playing the banjo at night.On a good night!!But our day was fun and realxing on our country trip. Love and Blessings

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  1. Ms.Candi,
    Here's a title for you for your blog. The Prairie days of a Primitive girl! Let me know what you think..