Monday, July 16, 2012

DR's notes

So, today I saw Dr. Hemphill, my oncologist/hematologist/. No CANCER at least that they could find~~He says I do not have leukemia or blood marrow problems. PRAISE GOD~~ But , he also says they can not rule it out totally so I will stick with this~~

My hemoglobin had gone from a 4 to an 11 as of today!! I was really anemic, according to my Dr. My WBC had jumped from 17,000 to 20,000 and it should be decreasing so not sure why that is/I will be going back every 2 weeks to have my blood drawn to make sure. And do follow ups with him!! So, other than my white count being so high I was thankful no leukemia~ THANK YOU LORD~

I figured since my news was good I would treat myself to lunch so I went to my fave lunch place/ Panera Bread~~ Had a cup of broccoli/cheese soup and half chicken salad sandwich.So yummy!!My stomach has been such  a mess that I was glad to eat something without feeling nauseated!!

There is nothing like the scare of cancer to give you a good look at your life's choices. It makes you realize how fragile our bodies are!!

Lloyd, took Nick and I to breakfast at Cracker Barrel yesterday. It was good but I got sick later and had to be in bed all day. The after effects of the Iron treatment. One thing it does cause is severe bone pain and he explained that was the iron attaching itself to my bones. Crazy huh??

I have lots of other tests to do in the coming weeks but I am very thankful today. This day I am alive. And feeling better. I love my family most and my dear friends/ This gal is going to rest and watch Ellen.

Prim hugs/Candi

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  1. Hi Candi,
    So happy to hear the news! Praying everything will be good news from here on!