Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3rd

New crock!!

I am really happy to have a new year of hope and good tidings!! I am working on some new ideals and trying to make my plans for the coming year. My first purchase was a wonderful old crock I found yesterday and I got a great price on it.It was listed for $42 and I asked if she could give me a better deal than 10% and she did. 25%!!I was really happy and brought it home. I can't resist a good deal!!LOL So, tree is gone, ornaments packed away and I am still cleaning and looking forward to spring. I want to do something like move things around. Quite honestly I do not feel up to it. My Lupus is crazy today and I am dealing with it. I have to go to the store. Milk,oats,cat food, and cokes. I would ove more than to crawl back in bed and rest but I have to get to the store and I have a visist w/ a friend planned. So, today is gonna be a good day. Lupus flare bah life to fullest you bet. Have a beautiful blessed year and be kind to yourself!!!

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  1. So very sorry you have to live with that disease but what an inspiration you are to live life to the fullest no matter what it throws your way! You really are awesome, Candi!!

    On another note, I just gotta know what those are in the first picture in the tin plate?? I am going to try waxing down some dollar store fruit. We'll see how they turn out.