Monday, January 31, 2011

Decorating funk!!!!

Yes this just about exclaims how I feel. Like I am in a decorating funk!!!Do you get that way too??I have all these great items from the sale that I have purchased and just can not get in the mood to decorate!!What the!!!!I suppose this could be coming from the dreary weather.Or maybe from the fact that I have been so sick lately. I hope this passes quickly as I have gotten some cool things lately!I just about have to force myself to get the housecleaning done. LOL!! I think I may have a case of the winter Blues!I need sunshine and birds singing. Lot's of flowers and a blue sky!!Just saying it somehow seems to make me feel better. Now, If I can get my decoating on!!Have a Blessed and Happy day and may you not suffer the Winter Blues.

Prim Hugs,CANDI

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  1. I have some wonderful new prims too.Piled on the table..stuffed in my computer a box on the living room floor...I haven't felt much like it either.Not winter blues for me I think it's just I'm always busy and when I got some extra time I just want to enjoy the break.Don't worry it'll come back soon.Warm Blessings!~Amy