Friday, June 1, 2012

Less is best~~

OK I admit, my days of  hoarding/haha/ are over!! I really was not a hoarder but had way too much junk~~I am going to be selling more in the coming days as I find myself wanting a cleaner line with more colonial Early pieces.

To the right here is how it used to look when we lived in the house.I like the lokk but now to me it is way too much!!Way!!

I think since we moved I needed to make drastic changes and began by ridding myself of so much stuff~~I sold things I swore I never would~`

I can happily say I do not miss a thing!!Every time I buy something I end up selling it later on!!

This is my look now!!

I am not sure what you call it but it is My look!!The blue cabinet there will be sold/ Also the table on the left possibly~~

I just need less and want less/ I find that I enjoy selling as much as buying~~

This whole process was like pealing layers off of me.
Things I did not need or use.
So look for me to post in the following days as I once again look thru things to sell and simplify my look~~

Until later,

Prim Girl7

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful! I love how you have peeled and want a new look. It is seasonal for me. I want cleaner in the summer and nesting in the fall and winter. I should do this to my home also!
    I love buying your things! Keep shopping and selling <3