Sunday, August 22, 2010


Today I am sitting here thinking what I need to be doing. Pondering where the box of fall stuff is that contains the rest of my goodies!!My guess is in the attic behind the Christmas stuff. And,it is so hot up there. Lloyd said he would get it for me but I am anxious and want to finish!!He has to work so there you go!Us decorators are anxious and want it done yesterday!!!After seeing Mammy's Prim perfect house it really puts you in full decorating mode!I went to Old Time Pottery but just could not find anything. So, after 1 starbucks venti iced coffee I decided to check out Joann's. I did find a bunch of old looking sunflowers and plan to decorate them later.So, I better head up stairs to look for that box of goodies. Have a fun filled Prim Perfect Day!!!


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  1. Have fun decorating Candi! I keep looking at my 4th of July stuff thinking I need to go get the box. Maybe next week! Your pics above can sure put you in the mood. I saw there were pics of Mammy's house but haven't gotten them looked over yet. May head on over. Hope you get your box down soon!
    Hugs! Jayne